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Long Term Covid

Oct 23, 2020   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, Life Coaching, Tip of the Week  //  No Comments

We are in a time of symptoms that are collecting around the whole body/mind. It does at least within this discomfort show how strongly the two are connected.

At LifeHolistics there are many available resources that are concerned with the whole body/mind, in unison. Anne has a lifetime of experience and knowledge to support and improve uncomfortable sensations. Some seem unrelated. They all are. Are you worried, tense, anxious, pressured, confused, unsure, unhappy, sore, tired, puzzled? If you are, and these symptoms are not clearing, send an email and arrange some talk time.

Anxiety busting tip that works

Aug 29, 2020   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, Life Coaching, Tip of the Week  //  No Comments

For yourself, or someone who you are aware is deeply anxious, try this:

Adrenalin will be pushing the heart rate and shallow breathing occurs, mind goes into wanting to run, but maybe that’s not ok. So what to do?

Try this: immediately

Focus on 4 things you can SEE, name them. Focus then on 3 things you can FEEL, name them. Focus then on 2 things you can HEAR, name them. Focus on one thing you can SMELL.

In this way your awareness is back into your surroundings rather than the thing that has triggered your/their anxiety. Then you can begin to focus on what you ARE THINKING and CHANGE them. Being back in control of your thinking is essential and a clever way to choose how to continue to change the sensation of anxiety. eg, breathing exercises of which there are many, to learn and use; movement exercises, dance, laughter, chatting, music, massage type therapies. Keep checking the thinking to be aware if it is being positive, helpful, supportive, rather than increasing the sense of panic.

Weight Loss required?

Jul 27, 2020   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, Life Coaching, Nutrition, Tip of the Week  //  No Comments

WE have always known it is not simple to lose weight. Some with fast metabolism may disagree! It is a speciality of mine to teach how to lose weight safely, easily (which is different from simply!) and happily.

Please ring or email, and start the process – today!

Quality Sleep

Jul 5, 2020   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, Life Coaching  //  No Comments

Did you sleep properly last night? Or the night before?

Quality sleep is better than plenty of poor sleep where there is restlessness and constant waking. Quality is vital to enable your immune system to work efficiently. It is known we go for less beneficial foods, starchy high sugar foods if we sleep poorly. So it stands to reason that lack of sleep contributes to weight gain. Which you may not have realised.

Studies show that the brain does not repair sufficiently when you continue to work/play and not rest. You end up as you know with fuzzy thinking, slow memory, and lack of focus. And that awful sense of weariness. Have you become a caffeine junky in the process?

And you just generally feel rubbish! It can all be changed. There is a difference between one or two nights poor length of sleep and insomnia.

Whichever you are suffering with, it can all be solved.

Quality sleep means being asleep for at least 80% of the time you designate for shut eye, wherever you are; that you go to sleep in approximately 20 minutes; and don’t wake up more than once.

It is tempting to keep looking at the time if you are awake – don’t! This creates a tension in your mind, which means less relaxation. There is a previous blog on the good things to aid quality sleep. If though you are now in a cycle of insomnia, there is some re-training to accomplish. It is best to consult with your own specifics to find the working and successful way forward for your condition. If it was easy regain sleep patterns you would have managed it by now of course. So it doesn’t help to beat yourself up that sleep is evading you. That stress in itself can be major. And simply make it all worse. Be in touch and lets discuss and sort. Lack of sleep leads to many poor health conditions. Let’s prevent that.

Achieving good sleeps!

Jun 2, 2020   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, Life Coaching  //  No Comments

Currently we are all keen for a good night’s sleep to enable the strongest of us to keep well. For those with underlying health conditions, or general aging issues, or sheer tiredness and weariness that comes with the tension, anxiety and maybe depression of long standing challenges, sleep is utterly impressively important.

Sleep as previously mentioned is also a vital component of the efficiency of the immune system – which keeps us fighting off bacteria and viral overwhelm. So let’s look immediately at sleep support systems when the thinking is a constant or sudden “I can’t sleep!” We feel quite outraged or insulated or worried that what we understand as essential is not happening. And being awake for hours in the dark is unsettling.

Professor Lord of Birmingham Uni directed at study on the immune system that included the benefit of sleep, amongst many studies around the world dedicated to this issue. She maintains that if you “disrupt your sleep, your immune system will suffer.”

The first thing is to go to bed at the same time, rise at the same time approx, select the bright light of daylight this time of year as soon as you are up and low lighting at end of day. Very importantly, leave electrical goodies out of the bedroom! That includes, TV, computer, ipad, mobile phone, chargers. They are not part of the bedroom scene, they will disrupt your own electric magnetic field, they will keep you too alert to sleep well.

The room needs to be totally dark, eye masks may be a must in the lighter months from dawn onwards. Heavy meals pre bedtime are not a good idea. Digestion of food is a massive job for the body, and it really doesn’t want to be focused on that soon before your bedtime, your feeling tired time. It’s a message to rest, digesting food won’t help. Plenty complex carbohydrates at this time – around 2 -3 hours before you would consider closing down from the day – is good. See my other blogs for a listing of supportive foods for sleep enhancement.

Exercise is obviously good, but not, like food, near bedtime. Stretches, and gentle yoga – ok, running, walking, cycling etc shift the innate fight and flight responses – but wind down gradually, and don’t drink alcohol to bring about sleep! It may unwind muscle, but it will bring you alert too soon by messing up your deep sleep patterns. It’s interesting how many people have a cup of tea full of caffeine, late in the day. If sleep is not easy, I really wouldn’t have caffeine after lunch time.

Clearing the mind, easing the thought waves with calming music, sound designed to relax the brain waves – there is deliberately techno music to create the calming brain waves instead of those that stimulate – some sound like rain water for example. These take a gentle 30 mins or so to be effective. Breathing from the diaphragm deliberately filling up completely with oxygenated air, and removing the carbon dioxide with the out breath, just as long and deliberately is guaranteed to settle down the system. Maybe meditation before bedtime, which is just a way of recognising that stillness is now wanted. Discover the amazing parasympathetic system instead of just knowing of your sympathetic system – this is calm and steadiness v alert and liveliness!

And Be Present! Be in the Now ! Leave the uncontrollable factors to go to sleep too! Come out of the habit of allowing your mind to wander away into the future or worry about what has happened. You need to be aware and choose your thoughts. Dismiss unhelpful patterns. Your body/mind wants to rest. Give it that chance, rather than sabotage it with endless thinking.

Read, distract with something pleasant. Be kind to others, and remember others will be kind in return too, and allow good things to come to you as well as the tough times. Bring on the good emotions, bring on the sleep, give your mind a happy thought to bring into the light of day ” I am fine” for instance. You will sleep and wake up so. ” I am weary and frightened” and you will wake up so.

Bring on the sleep, bring on the healing.

Nutrition and Cancer

May 19, 2020   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, News  //  No Comments

Cancer is a frightening but common word. Many have asked me this question: did you use your knowledge of nutrition in your journey of dealing with cancer. ABSOLUTELY!! Vital. Totally important. Completely relevant, wouldn’t be here writing this if I hadn’t.

Gut-Brain connection

May 19, 2020   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, Nutrition  //  No Comments

In other words, the use of probiotics.

A lot of research is going on in this amazing connection between the gut and the brain. Pro-biotics rather than anti-biotics are words if you are new to tailored nutrition, that indicate we are discussing nutrients specific to the flora or micro nutrient in the digestive system. The health/balance of the digestive system is incredibly important to whole body, to the whole system. We are now aware of a vital connection with the working of the brain. If the microbiome in the gut is not ok, the brain energy will not be efficient.

Let’s cut to the quick! – I am focusing here on Anxiety and Depressive states. The main thing to look out for in the listed ingredients are Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. If these two are the main ingredients you won’t go far wrong. Research may bring more to the front with time, which I will report.

Those especially new to this therapy need to be careful in their choice. There are very many of this supplement on the market. They can have side effects. They do need to be taken as instructed, either by your Nutritional Therapist, or you trust to the bottle instructions. This is because taken carelessly they could produce uncomfortable side effects, or certainly reactions. They are not dangerous if you know about them and how to handle the situation. Neither do you need to be afraid, anxious or panic – the very thing we are attempting to resolve with their use! So strongly suggest you speak with a Nutritional Therapist to ensure you don’t put yourself off before you get anywhere! Powerful, successful, enduring results will prevail, as powerful supplements they are – some needing refrigeration, some not. Some will not make it through the stomach acid. Some are powders, some are tablets, some are capsules. Your unique system needs specific care. Be nourished. Be well. Be in touch if you have need.

Magnesium for calm alertness/relaxed muscle power

May 13, 2020   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, Nutrition, Uncategorized  //  No Comments

In these unprecedented days of continuous isolating yet public concern for everyone, there is plenty of recognised and understood upset, worry, strain, anxiety, stresses and pressures, constant ongoing obstacles to fulfilling our routines, usual, well known to us formats that sees our days moving along in a forward manner. All of sudden we are thrown into chaos, unknown territory, looking for guidance we all need to adhere to as a focused nation to come through the crisis as unscathed as possible. Not easy for very very many. Politicians in charge of our status seem as confused as the rest of us!

So we must absolutely must keep alert, aware, conscious of what we are doing, deciding, following, choosing. Choosing with care and thorough thoughtfulness what to eat, drink, do, remove, change, create etc from day to day, moving into different spheres and phases, dealing constantly with new processes to simply stay in the loop of life that is meaningful with pockets of enjoyment, contentment, hope and faith. Achieving this is different for everyone. Every person has a different set of circumstances.

And everyone has a different unique system. Accomplishing our day to day stuff takes its toll. Some more than others. But again, it depends where your whole person was when the Corona Virus shut down began. No one is immune from the challenges presented. You know when you could do with an extra top up of ease and comfort within ourselves as time runs on and we continue to stay under pressure. Food for pleasure is ok. We can do that.

Nutrients vital now to carry us through rely on working with the stressed out body systems. This is where MAGNESIUM is an important essential mineral at this time. It is needed in quite large quantity – depends as usual of course on your gender, age, situation. It is needed for metabolism, energy production, transmission of nerve reflexes, 350 approx enzymatic reactions exercise, muscular issues, inflammatory issues, high blood pressure and more.. PMT for example, asthma – all these conditions worsened by anxiety.

MAGNESIUM is found in muscle, soft tissue, fluids, and bone. We don’t get enough – we don’t take enough in our diet, our soil is too undernourished to enter the foodstuffs grown. LACK OF MAGNESIUM (over 70% in women and 50% of men according to recent surveys are not digesting enough MAGNESIUM). We are very susceptible to stress, lack of good sleep, headaches, chronic fatigue, poor bone health, and more issues, like heart problems, without SUFFICIENT MAGNESIUM. Chronic stress and long term stress/anxiety leads to more and more DEPLETION OF MAGNESIUM

In supplementation, you have choice of powder, tablets, skin spray and absorption via bath salt soaking. MAGNESIUM comes in many forms: citrate, elemental, oxide, carbonate, hydroxide. There are combination tablets too. Be in touch if you need help choosing which is the best for you.

Boost Immune System to be well – here’s how in simple ways to beat coronavirus

Mar 16, 2020   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, Life Coaching, News, Nutrition, Tip of the Week  //  No Comments

The thing to remember is that anxiety/stress/fear – created by the C Virus news and more, challenges the immune system, it suffers, you suffer.

It is a complex system, a complex piece of armoury in the body/mind mechanism. Every day papers are published in research of how it operates. To date here are accepted positive actions YOU can take in a simple way to fit in easily with your life, to enhance and protect this so important body activity. It will support you then in your constant unseen work to protect you from all virus.

Feel EMPOWERED.. really think in this way. Your mind will then connect with mechanisms that automatically run along to protect your cells, to keep toxins at bay, to kill them as they produce. Your brain is stimulated by your thinking to instruct the body to be strong and well. So, Positive Thoughts are key. However, along with that are other powerful requirements, listed here.

EAT WELL. organic, or very clean, unprocessed foods. Mostly, if you can, plant based diet – unless you know better about your unique system, but always ask a nutritional therapist, who are qualified to discuss, if unsure! Phytonutrients are the ones to gather in. Plant foods are the right ingredients to succeed in this focus, such as Kiwi, Garlic, Onions, Ginger, Green Tea, Cruciferous Veg as per Broccoli, Cauli, Chinese Cabbage, Bok Choy, Berries, Red Grapes, Citrus Fruits, Red Peppers, Apples, Mushrooms. And all seeds as per sunflower to create antibodies. Supplements may be applicable to boost your levels. Again, speak with a nutritional therapist. There are specific known base nutrients that we need to have in good supply for the immune system to work efficiently.

EXERCISE: releases the nutrients via the bloodstream, which flows happily if encouraged by the heart picking up speed a little, and beating regularly and comfortably. Endorphins are released for feel good factors. All the best vitamins can be conducted to the places essentially required to function at optimum state. If you are already poorly or exhausted, go gently. You can do simple stretches, yoga, tai chi, gardening, walk in nature for example.

SLEEP: the exercise and the right nutrients at the right time of day, aid and good productive sleep – the healing balm. We know sleep is vital for healing. During this time of quietness, the brain can direct the renewal and restore procedures – while we aren’t interfering! Immune cells especially are increased with regular, relaxed sleep. Before or after sleep then, we can support our immune boost help with some –

MEDITATION: or at least some private to ourselves time, to gently nurture our responses, which are constantly commanded during our days. To be still, reflective, accepting of Self, deliberately promoting steady and –

DEEP BREATHING: which is proven to instantly calm the immune response, and all our body functioning. We cannot keep well and alert to incoming danger if we are distracted continually by outside stimuli. There are many breathing exercises to investigate, but start simply – using the diagphram. Ask for help if this is not understood. Yogi breathing uses this method from the start. It becomes a way of life, of living – the breathing you learn – to enhance every cell, to teach the immune system to relax and be nourished in oxygen. Perhaps try this: using the belly muscles, push them out, and bring in oxygen for the count of five. Hold for the same, release for the same count, slowly, deliberately. Do this many times. It is calming. You need to focus, it stops therefore, naturally, the mind busyness. You are filled with health supportive oxygen and release toxins. It feels great. Try it!

COMMUNICATE: – we can do this for others, and in support of ourselves better when calm and steady. Or because we aren’t and are reaching out. We can though engage our thoughtfulness and kind response if we know of someone vulnerable who may be frightened and or lonely in their days. These negative feelings are quick to gather and expand. Generally a kind or understanding conversation, or sharing of upset can sooth the immune system and allow the continuation then of more supportive and positive vibes. So reach out for yourself or for others and “meet” to learn, improve, and genuinely care. This is why Life Coaching, or Mentoring works. The whole system begins to function in a positive well-being focused way.

Anne as a nutritional therapist is always happy to listen to your specific concerns. And will undoubtedly then find answers with you. REMOVE the FEAR. BUILD the CONFIDENCE of yourself and your IMMUNE SYSTEM.

Corona Virus Immune System support to avoid…

Mar 11, 2020   //   by Anne Russell   //   Tip of the Week  //  No Comments

Take a look at the blog to read how to support yourself through this global health danger