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New: Food IntoleranceTesting now available at Coaching NorthWest

Jul 31, 2015   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, News  //  No Comments

Yes, a very good addition to Nutritional Support now available at Coaching NorthWest Treatment Rooms.
Anne is now a Registered Lorisian Practitioner. This means she can avail you of a safe, very quick and painless
test to ascertain if you have any allergies or intolerances to a very wide range of foods eg wheat, cereals, dairy,fruits, nuts, fish

And, as an Introductory OFFER, there is a discount for the whole of August 2015. Ring or write for details.

Remember, you could be removing forever, symptoms as eg: abdominal pain, acne, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, eczema, itching, headaches,
nausea, migraine, sinusitis, tiredness, aches and pains, weight loss and weight gain and more. contact Anne now for a happier summer….
01744 612391 or or use the message form on the website contact page.

Brilliant day with Suites Hotel Knowsley promoting their Leisure Centre

Feb 22, 2015   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, News, Nutrition  //  No Comments

I was invited to the hotel to give Nutritional Talks and Advice to the participants coming along to the Health and Fitness Day.

It was very well attended, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience of trying various equipment, speaking with the Staff and working hard – with fun!

Delighted at the attentive audience when I spoke about the various components of a good nutritional daily diet and why it is important to really care about what you are choosing to eat. And how eating correctly compliments and makes the best of working out at the gym, swimming and taking exercise classes.

Also I compared various plates of food to give them a visual sample of good/bad food choices, and excellent plates were prepared by the kitchen chef to illustrate the points.

Lots of good and thoughtful questions came along, and we spent twice as long on the subject than timetabled for, which is a great indication of real interest. Very pleasing all round. Hope more of same can be achieved.

Reiki on horses receives International Magazine attention

Aug 25, 2014   //   by Anne Russell   //   News  //  No Comments

It’s been a long time love of mine – horses. They are receptive and intelligent and all have different personalities.

I work on a daily basis with People. Stress, Difficult situations, Negative attitudes, Unresolved problems, Puzzling and Demanding positions in relationships, work issues, Unhappy at work or home, Unresolved pain, Unrelaxed mind-set, Weight issues, Tensions that are constant…… I am a Life Coach, a Nutritional Therapist, A Complementary Therapist which incorporates Reiki, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage etc etc…. so where do horses come in?

For many many years, I have wherever the need, invitation or opportunity arisen, offered Reiki to horses at stables, in the wild or running free in fields.

These sensitive creatures will relax deeply, and react quickly and noticeably to the Energy of Reiki. They will transmit their pain, their suffering, their difficulties to you, and accept the healing energies that Reiki offers. When they have received enough at that point, they will simply walk away. Humnas tend, initially to offer resistance!

For example – Many years ago while walking on Dartmoor, I came across several ponies tethered to the ground on very long ropes. They looked well cared for, but some didn’t look too happy. I approached one such pony with great sadness around the eyes. After a moments general patting and stroking, as anyone would, I offered this horse some Reiki. It stood completely still and I knew the acceptance was there.

A couple of hours later! I was still there, with the ponies actually keeping me there, by walking after me as I tried to leave the field, nudging me in the back to ask for attention of the Reiki, and nudging me if I stopped, till they were totally relaxed, which is when the Energies healing abilities work.

This year I have worked with Knowsley Village Stables at Knowsley on some of their horses with behavioural problems due to injuries that any horse can sustain. Horses cannot relay their issues in any other way but to be uncomfortable with a rider or carer. They transmit their problem by backing off, by being difficult when they would normally be co-orporative.

The owner of this stables is a very hard working lady, and she and her stable girls and boys have real care of the animals. It was as ever an honour and delight to work with a few horses in need of some further than normal vetinary processes (and a couple of the girls too!) They are dedicated people. The horses are well looked after, and offer many people much joy. The Reiki worked well. The other horses in the stables – and the stable workers!  watched me at work. I returned to follow up on my work, much pleased with results. The horses seemed to remember me. I worked on some more. There is no fear in working with these magnificent creatures, even if they are completely unknown to me. They quickly accepted my presence and allowed me to work on them. Comments such as “I have never seen this horse so relaxed” where happening as a result. It is powerful stuff.

The story was picked up by the International Therapist magazine for the Holistic Therapists Federation. A lovely article appeared in their recent edition, with a photograph of myself and Wendy, the owner of the Stables in question.

If you want more information, drop me a line. If you want to find out how to enjoy a happy time with the horses, and enjoy a pony/horse ride, drop me a line and I will put you in touch. If you have horses or ponies who may need this attention, it’s easy to be in touch with me. I can also provide this deeply relaxing and healing treatment for other animals, and often do, for dogs and cats for example. If you are simply curious, drop me a line.

People are not the only ones needing Stress Management, Relaxation that helps the body to generate it’s own inherent healing processes, Positive connection and time for careful health care!



Results from D for DIAS Day!

May 21, 2014   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, News  //  No Comments

Thank you to everyone who supported this cause – we succeeded!

The amount raised to give Drop In And Share Charity funds to continue in St Helens was £over £500 in two hours.

The Mayor of St Helens, Andy Bowden came along as did Andy Reid our super hero in St Helens, a soldier amputee.

Lots of brilliant connections were made as a result of the conversations had.

Result is that DIAS (Director Ms Maureen Burgess present too) now has a room from which to operate in St Helens.

which the charity had lost due to lack of funds, and monies to start up the process! Hurrah!

The sponsers were stunning in their generosity for raffle prizes, and this was so very helpful.

Plus, importantly, awareness has been raised in the town about the on-going problem and the plight of men, women, children, pets

involved in this domestic tragedy.

WE MUSTN’T GIVE UP THOUGH! We have made a wonderful start, and thankyou all so much again.

I sent out on Twitter and Facebook the results, so hope you found me there, and if not go join in.

I will post up too a list of our fabulous sponsers which was on display on the day.

If you want to know more about DIAS, a registered company, please do be in touch.



Mar 25, 2014   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, News  //  No Comments

Please be totally brilliant and find a way to support this cause.

You never know the moment…… you  may know someone who needs this Service.

DIAS means Drop In And Share.

Share the fears and distress and find support, find answers to the excess of difficulties. For all those suffering from Domestic Violence and Abuse.

This can include physical, mental, sexual, emotional and financial abuses, and usually a mix of many of these.

The figures (guestimate) is 5,000 in St Helens Merseyside, alone in a struggle/suffering place from this horrific situation.

Sadly the governent has cut it’s funding. We won’t give up on these people therefore will we?

Can you imagine having nowhere, no one to go to with this? Can you imagine the stress involved? the tensions, the anxieties, the depression, the sense of no help?

This is what DIAS offers: Support, Counselling, Advice, Guidance, Benefits Assistance, Floating Support Outreach Service, Training Services.

Every man, woman and youngster is treated with respect and dignity and confidentiality. Everything they/you? have clearly lost.

The service is free of charge to the sufferer.

So to provide this now means the Charity must be supported by donations, sponsorship, gifts.

A tiny little offer from you makes that difference to the continuation of this amazing Charity’s services.

To provide you with a thank you, the Event is providing much enjoyment.  is full of great “D”s!

D for DIAS Day has lots of lovely things:

“Diamonds”Jewellry, Dreamy Hand massages, Divine Avon Products, Delicious Chocolates, Dancing Daffs to buy, Delightful cakes and biscuits,

and Debbie Richards providing live music and a specially composed song for Dias!

The Mayor is coming along to endorse and the Director of Dias to answer your questions and welcome you.

Plus a children’s corner, and other lovely delights, raffle (including Champagne, Saints Rugby Ball, Beauty Products, Cakes, Coupons from local businesses to delight and pamper yourself and more.)

if you wish to support in this way, please do be in touch.        01744 612391

Please do come, please do support in some way. Remember how glad you would be if you needed this Service. Or do right now.


Excellent company work with…..

Mar 6, 2014   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, Life Coaching, News, Nu U Program  //  No Comments

Ardent Credit Card Services at Moorgate Point Knowsley.

Great people, who worked really well with me to introduce the Staff to good communication skills and renew their thoughts around working with the public.

In a short space of one morning, 12 of their staff worked in two groups with me to stimulate new thinking processes, and absorb lots of great new ideas for their

Well Being. We covered some Nutritional aspects, Positive Thinking, Anger Mangement, Communication with Difficult People, Stress Management, but focused mainly on the Positive Communication skills that come from knowing yourself – ie Personal Development.

Yes, it brought out new thinking, awareness, curiosity and new skills, enough to develop the Staff’s approach and attitude to their work, and their own lives.

Testimonial from the Manager Justine Crawley – “Anne made everyone feel relaxed. The Course was well structured and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks Anne.”

And from Clare, Training Manager: “I enjoyed the Presentation. Does make you stop to think about yourself and how making the changes suggested can positively impact your quality of life. Thank you.”

If you would like to hear more or have a Course or Presentation designed just for your Staff’s situations, please simply ring me for an initial chat to discuss your thoughts.

Thank you to Ardent for their great interest on the day.

Did you see Anne on ITV’s tonight programme?

Sep 5, 2013   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, News  //  No Comments

The programme was dedicated to good nutrition….. it has such a major impact on every angle of your wellbeing.

So, there I was with Jonnny Maitland  the presenter, invited to take part in the programme to give information and authority to that part of the programme.


The producer and I designed this part by talking about the problems faced by the consumer in purchasing breakfast products, in the belief that they were getting a decent food stuff to start their day. The advertising, the marketing and packaging is generally all about profit for the company, not benefit to the consumer.

People are very busy, lots to accomplish, plenty of demands. The time taken to look at labels, and understand what they are ingesting is minimal, and the packaging doesn’t help with making that understanding easy either. It’s a case of grab a box of cereal etc and carry on shopping!

We went to Rochdale to a large postal delivery office – and worked with several postal workers who are about their work early in the day.

I arrived there for 8am and a large table was prepared with a large selection of breakfast cereals, drinks, biscuit bars, yoghurts, breads, spreads etc.


The postal workers were invited in to choose what they wanted and enjoy together, leaving them to talk about their choices.

Then we interviewed them one by one on this, and explained the point by showing them like food contents of salt, sugar and fat.

Sugar was the big common denominator in excess. One postal worker chose a breakfast equivalent to 5 doughnuts and 2 cans of fizzy drinks.

This was shown on the programme. The other workers were also shocked at the content of their choices.

However, the programme didn’t have time to show them all, a shame, because it was really educational – and a shock for all those who took part what their choices really were composed of. Not nutritious at all! Sugar, fats and salt are all highly indicated in these commercially available breakfast foods.

Companies are now beginning to make the labeling at least clearer, but there plenty of downfalls here, and there are plenty of good ways to eat breakfast without touching a single one of them.

Be AWARE!! It’s your start of the day, it’s your body and mind. Only you are responsible for that!  Understand how important it is to only eat and drink what is good for your body to work well – just like a car needs the right and correct amount of fuel to do it’s journey.

If you want more help and support or information – give me a ring, an email – please do not suffer unnecessarily!! People since the programme are talking to me convinced they are now doing the right thing drinking the advertised drinks as per Actimel and Yakult and others of similar type. Please! No! Find out why not…… talk to me!

Ps, and thank you to those who gave me feedback on the programme and enjoyed the Green Dress!

(I have a DVD copy of the programme, if you missed it and would like a copy.)






Treats you deserve…..

Aug 23, 2013   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, News, Tip of the Week  //  No Comments

Next week, from August 30th, all new clients receive £5 voucher back for their next Treatment till end of September.

Treatments such as Reflexology or Indian Head Massage for real stress release, and energy gain are now £35.00 discounted from £37.00

Nutritional Therapy, advice and expert knowledge and Life Coaching to gain confidence in what you are wanting to change are also on offer at £45.00.

01744 612391 or press the consult button on any of the pages!



Aug 23, 2013   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, Life Coaching, News  //  No Comments

It is now know for sure that desk jobs are really not good for you!

We are now generally a more sedentary nation – many people are sat at computers for their work – and millions more at tv, home computers etc.

We are known to have generally, 50 – 75% of our time sitting. We are largely inactive!

Unfortunately, sitting still for hours at a time is a major health risk – even if you are good at going for a run, going to the gym at the weekend, or even doing a workout every day.

Stunned? Yes, me too.

People who watch up to 6 hours of TV for instance in a day, or sit at computers can expect to die 5 years earlier than those who don’t!


Inactivity releases a huge number of metabolic changes eg, muscles turn into atrophy and lose the mitochondria (where we make our energy in the cell), and the ability to be endurance-type muscle.

These also burn fat – eventually the blood becomes very fatty, and it (fat) also gathers in muscle (remember heart is a muscle!), liver and colon – where it isn’t supposed to settle.

We become insulin resistant, and glucose will gather in the bloodstream as in diabetes. In 3 days we can produce insulin resistance – so we don’t use up the glucose, it is laid down as fat.

Ok, so exercising say up to an hour an day is beneficial – that’s every day! But what we DO need to do  is keep moving. Fidget even, stand up, walk about, go get a drink, do the dishes, stand up to write an email – move around 5 minutes in every hour – that makes an astonishing difference to the glucose in your bloodstream.

The message really is this: ( from Alpa Patel of the American Cancer Society in Atlanta who analysed data from a 14 year long study of 123,000 adults of middle age)  – “anything is better than nothing. Just getting up and moving at all is taking a big step in the right direction.”

Am afraid the otherwise result is the possibility from the study results that 37% higher mortality rate for women, and 17% higher rate for men – just for sitting still!

(NO, we don’t know why yet, the difference between the genders exist.)




Jun 19, 2013   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, News, Nutrition  //  No Comments

ITV invited Anne to take part in a Tonight Programme, which is aired on a Thursday evening at 7.30pm.

The subject matter is “The Great British Diet” and will be a week long event.

We looked at Breakfast, and the amount of sugar, fat and salt in a typical breakfast, given that the majority of households buy cereals, smoothies, juices, breads for this meal.

A group of Postmen were invited to choose a breakfast, and were interviewed about their choices.

There was some shock when we chatted to them about the contents of the foodstuffs!

It is important that we are aware of the levels of sugar fat and salt we are voluntarily ingesting.

All of these, taken daily at too high amounts will produce real health major problems.

If you are unaware of what these are, are unaware of how much you are taking of really non-nutritious and decidedly unhealthy products, Anne can help sort it out for you.

It’s easy in a busy life to just fall into a regular habit that is going create the most awful symptoms that will develop into serious illness ahead.

Yes, we are all busy people, but if you can understand that we need the RIGHT fuel, ie, the RIGHT foods to keep your precious body and mind functioning smoothly and healthily, then you need to be very aware of what you buying from the supermarkets.

The TV programme experience for me was interesting. The information imparted in there is vital.

You don’t need to wait for the programme to find out what it is that you need to be eating and drinking, what you are really not realising is not at all ok……01744 612391 or Let me show the benefits of an excellent British Breakfast! It might even save your Life.