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A new TAB will be posted shortly onto the site:

Mar 7, 2011   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, Nu U Program  //  No Comments

Hello Everyone, just to let you know that a new page under the Tab of Exercise will shortly be up there for you under the NU U Programme.

It will emphasise the right sort of exercises that really benefit your daily regime – and which also greatly enhance the other benefits you gain from the Nu U Programme.
For example, how to look after a “back problem” or how to prevent shoulder issues that can turn into “frozen shoulder”.

Stress relieving stretches can make a huge difference to your system…..

Also as a passionate teacher of yoga you will be able to access the class or ask questions of how all this can be pain freeing or relaxing and de-stressing for you.
Look out for the page soon and let me know if you have any queries.

Remove Clutter

Feb 21, 2011   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, Tip of the Week  //  No Comments

To help you feel more in control of your next steps in any area of your life, start with the smallest area and methodically begin to clear the clutter of piled up stuff – you know exactly what is meant here – paper piles, unused files, unread magazines and reports. Drawers that hold weeks/months, even years of unlooked at correspondence, leaflets, information etc – open and throw. No room to be sentimental, throw.

This will create a major sense of space in your brain that will commit itself to being used to find the right game/lifeplan for you right now.

That space clearing may be at home, at the home office, at the office. It’s yours to choose where you can make that start. It all helps. Be disciplined – start!

Eating specific foods together are of great benefit

Feb 21, 2011   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, Nutrition  //  No Comments

It has been proven that although certain foods containing specific nutrients are healthy for various needs in our systems, it’s even more exciting that foods can be grouped together to be eaten for ehanced benefits.

For example: yoghurts and blueberries are great for anyone wanting to replace glycogen in muscle after exercise to prevent fatigue as a result of the workout, and creates a stronger body as a result.
If you want more of these tantalising and effective food couples, send an email requesting the EAT Together Foods Report, free of charge.

Standing your ground

Feb 13, 2011   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, Life Coaching  //  No Comments

It seems to me that the people in Egypt are Standing their Ground in a clear assertive manner. And winning the moment. Not certain or even knowing exactly what the result would be, they took different action and got a result – and, one they wanted.
Take this cue, see how this technique worked for the ordinary passionate about themselves folk – if you don’t like what is going on and you are still doing the same thing – take different action. Take support alongside you if you want encouragement and guidance of course, but take action.

Valentines Foods

Feb 13, 2011   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, Nutrition  //  No Comments

Well ok, you may have read this before, but it’s a great excuse to look at foods in a fun way that are actually very beneficial – and there may be few new to you: (NU U!)

For Valentine’s Mood Foods then:
Watermelon Cold water fish as per salmon Peanuts
Blueberries Dark Chocolate Asparagus
Garlic Pumpkin Seeds Avocado

That is the list – if you want the reasons why, drop me a line, will send free report.
Good luck!

Women keep the Balance!

Feb 7, 2011   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, Life Coaching  //  No Comments

A discussion is raging on that Women on the Board, and more women in major decision making posts within the company are of great benefit. Apparently, according to studies done, they keep the balance good of how and what that decision is. Sorry guys, am just reporting the news!

Girls like to be warm!

Feb 7, 2011   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, Tip of the Week  //  No Comments

The result of an interesting research study, suggests that when girls are studying and learning they like a warm temperature of up to 24oC. This facilitates the best results. Boys on the other hand like to be much cooler, around 19o is their optimum external temperature to work to their best capacity.
The reasoning is – as often seems to be the case – to do with the hormones we produce.

So when you are looking for schools for your children, keep this in mind! When you are supporting your youngsters through major learning periods – keep this in mind! It might just make the difference to your offsprings best career path.

Are the Resolutions Fading Away?

Jan 26, 2011   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, Life Coaching  //  No Comments

Well how are you doing? Are the New Year Resolutions fading away? It is known that 90% will fail without support.

If this is happening to you and you naturally feel downhearted about this – a consultation with Coaching NorthWest will have you back on track instantly! That’s all it takes. Very few can push through what has needed to change by themselves. That’s why it was a Resolution in the first place!

So move on with your Life in the area you really really want to – it’s only in a good way the once. You clearly know that. Get some answers here!

Tip of the Week

Jan 24, 2011   //   by Anne Russell   //   Tip of the Week  //  No Comments

You know that voice inside your head that criticises you all the time? Tells you off? Calls you names like “Stupid!” or “why did you do did that, you idiot?” etc…..yes, it’s hard not to listen to it isn’t it. But it’s not doing you any good, in fact it’s not going to do anything towards helping you attract who and what into your life.

So this is how you change it….consciously listen and observe that voice, then just as consciously reject it, tell it to shut up, turn down it’s volume, change the tone – maybe into a silly voice you would laugh at….to disown it, ignore it. Practice this whenever you need to, it works. Live in a positive mind set, and attract the same values to yourself!

New Year Resolutions – or Not!!

Jan 16, 2011   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog  //  No Comments

I think it can be a heavy burden almost, not an encouragement to expect yourself to suddenly be 100% perfect with any Resolutions traditionally made in January. This is notoriously a difficult month of itself to survive well anyway.

So, I would say, cut yourself some slack too – be disciplined, teach your mind to be strong, but not filled with senses of guilt and failure when it doesn’t instantly work out!

What do you think?