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Brain Food!

May 9, 2011   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, Nutrition  //  No Comments

Yes! certainly, do not be surprised – our food is there to enjoy, of course, but the nutrients in the food are vital.
So, we have nutrients that feed the brain, just as we have the right oils for the car engine. Miss out supplying those to your car, and you won’t get very far very efficiently.

The brain needs lots of various important nutrients. But one to focus on today is the omega 3 food group, which I am sure many of you will now have heard of?

The brain is made up of 60% omega-3 fat, so obviously you need to get a good dose of this essential nutruient. How do you do that?
EAT – oily fishes, nuts, seeds, nut butters.

If you want more news on how what you are eating makes a difference to you, just drop me a line via the contact box and I will get back to you.

You know it’s good for you – so go on – eat the right foods, think the right thoughts!

Being Appreciative

May 9, 2011   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, Life Coaching  //  No Comments

After the fun of the Bank Holidays, and business people returned to work it may have given you chance to feel uncomfortable or very pleased. Uncomfortable with your lot in life, or appreciative.

I believe there is no wrong in recognising your discomfort – and voicing that – but use it to change what isn’t working for you. In other words, moaning for the sake of it really helps no-one, especially yourself!

Following on from that (which we could discuss in great length), is the thought that as so much news and information is now available to us, it’s easy, I think, to develop a notion of appreciation for all that is good in your life.

Right down to appreciating the ability for example, to walk freely in woods, by streams, on the beach without difficulties that many peoples are facing day to day that are truly life diminishing. It’s easy I think, to forget this appreciative element, that nourishes the soul and allows you the energy to give more generously of self to others.

Perhaps you could give yourself a thought at some point in your day, rushed, pushed, scheduled and so on as it is, to be appreciative of something/someone in your day, every day? Then watch for the riches that brings you, undeniable and priceless.

Be Happy!

Apr 12, 2011   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, Life Coaching, News, Nu U Program, Nutrition, Tip of the Week  //  No Comments

The government have declared several times now the importance of addressing our Emotional Wellbeing. Something at the heart of the Nu U Programme.

And the benefit that has been brought to so very many people by Coaching NorthWest via Life Coaching with Anne Russell.

It can be hard to come away from your usual round of life’s routines and expectations. If you email Anne as your starting point, she will create for you immediately, improvements and major benefits. It won’t be difficult for you. The stress relief on many levels will be fast. Start Now. NU U awaits.

or find her name on and see some resulting testimonials

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Apr 7, 2011   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, News  //  No Comments


Change You and achieve all you have ever wanted

Mar 31, 2011   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, Nu U Program  //  No Comments

Have you been wondering how to gain all you have ever wanted? Is it by working harder and longer at your business? Is it by hoping you will win the lottery? No!
You will achieve all you want and achieve long term success by getting all areas of your life sorted out – at the same time!

Work more and more on yourself, and watch stuff fall into synchronisity. For example, change your diet, your exercise, your sleep patterns, your attitude – all to a better place at the same time and watch Prosperity, Purpose and Peace of Mind fall into place.

With those qualities in place, the achievements follow easily. Look at how the Nu U Programme will do exactly this for you.

stopping hunger pangs

Mar 30, 2011   //   by Anne Russell   //   Nutrition, Tip of the Week  //  No Comments

Did you know that eating raw tomatoes helps to diminsh hunger pangs? Get to those lovely little red beauties!

Muscle Loss…..

Mar 17, 2011   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, Nu U Program  //  No Comments

Did you know the FACT that Muscle Loss is reponsible for falls and fractures in later life and that we lose approximately HALF A POUND of muscle EVERY YEAR from the age of 30!

Quote to ponder:

Mar 17, 2011   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, Life Coaching  //  No Comments

Sometimes Life is too hard to be alone

Sometimes Life is too good to be alone

Elizabeth Gilbert

Your Conscience!

Mar 14, 2011   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, Life Coaching  //  No Comments

Just a little thought to keep at least the day you read this: your conscience is a very delicate thing. It is easy to stifle. Let it be heard!

It will guide through many moments when it’s vital to be your authentic self. The real you. There is no room for falseness in our world. Surely we have all suffered enormously from this?

Your comments on this?

Depression is major concern

Mar 7, 2011   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, Tip of the Week  //  No Comments

It is becoming more frequently reported that depression is a main concern of us all, even being a subject for the government to be conscious of and suggesting it is tackled.

If you are aware of being lower in mood due to stress – there are many helpful systems for you available at Coaching NorthWest – it really isn’t something to ignore or hope it will just go away. Write a quick note in your diary or on your computer every day to note your mood for the next 2 weeks, and see if it is really a continuous pattern. You firstly need to know if this is a lasting sensation or a fleeting feeling.

If you are then alerted to a constancy of low thought patterns, it’s time to tack this issue. I wish you Health and Happiness.