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stopping hunger pangs

Mar 30, 2011   //   by Anne Russell   //   Nutrition, Tip of the Week  //  No Comments

Did you know that eating raw tomatoes helps to diminsh hunger pangs? Get to those lovely little red beauties!

Depression is major concern

Mar 7, 2011   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, Tip of the Week  //  No Comments

It is becoming more frequently reported that depression is a main concern of us all, even being a subject for the government to be conscious of and suggesting it is tackled.

If you are aware of being lower in mood due to stress – there are many helpful systems for you available at Coaching NorthWest – it really isn’t something to ignore or hope it will just go away. Write a quick note in your diary or on your computer every day to note your mood for the next 2 weeks, and see if it is really a continuous pattern. You firstly need to know if this is a lasting sensation or a fleeting feeling.

If you are then alerted to a constancy of low thought patterns, it’s time to tack this issue. I wish you Health and Happiness.

Remove Clutter

Feb 21, 2011   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, Tip of the Week  //  No Comments

To help you feel more in control of your next steps in any area of your life, start with the smallest area and methodically begin to clear the clutter of piled up stuff – you know exactly what is meant here – paper piles, unused files, unread magazines and reports. Drawers that hold weeks/months, even years of unlooked at correspondence, leaflets, information etc – open and throw. No room to be sentimental, throw.

This will create a major sense of space in your brain that will commit itself to being used to find the right game/lifeplan for you right now.

That space clearing may be at home, at the home office, at the office. It’s yours to choose where you can make that start. It all helps. Be disciplined – start!

Girls like to be warm!

Feb 7, 2011   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, Tip of the Week  //  No Comments

The result of an interesting research study, suggests that when girls are studying and learning they like a warm temperature of up to 24oC. This facilitates the best results. Boys on the other hand like to be much cooler, around 19o is their optimum external temperature to work to their best capacity.
The reasoning is – as often seems to be the case – to do with the hormones we produce.

So when you are looking for schools for your children, keep this in mind! When you are supporting your youngsters through major learning periods – keep this in mind! It might just make the difference to your offsprings best career path.

Tip of the Week

Jan 24, 2011   //   by Anne Russell   //   Tip of the Week  //  No Comments

You know that voice inside your head that criticises you all the time? Tells you off? Calls you names like “Stupid!” or “why did you do did that, you idiot?” etc…..yes, it’s hard not to listen to it isn’t it. But it’s not doing you any good, in fact it’s not going to do anything towards helping you attract who and what into your life.

So this is how you change it….consciously listen and observe that voice, then just as consciously reject it, tell it to shut up, turn down it’s volume, change the tone – maybe into a silly voice you would laugh at….to disown it, ignore it. Practice this whenever you need to, it works. Live in a positive mind set, and attract the same values to yourself!

Tip of Week

Jan 16, 2011   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, Tip of the Week  //  No Comments

The right foods greatly affect your physical energy! This week, for more energy, check out how much “white” foodstuffs you eat! That’s right….white sugar, white breads, cake stuff, rice, pasta, potatoes….and exchange those for the “brown” variety!

For quick and easy results try a diet consultation with Anne for 10% less over the next month.

Tip of the Week

Dec 31, 2010   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, Tip of the Week  //  No Comments

Welcome to 2011 – and here is something to think around that may well fit in with your New Year Aspirations and Hopes:

Destiny is not a matter of chance it is a matter of choice…….