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Aug 1, 2021   //   by Anne Russell   //   Uncategorized  //  No Comments

Take your time, play the long game

Embrace the boring, the difficulties

The uncomfortable. This is how it will happen

(Maxime Lagace)

Magnesium for calm alertness/relaxed muscle power

May 13, 2020   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, Nutrition, Uncategorized  //  No Comments

In these unprecedented days of continuous isolating yet public concern for everyone, there is plenty of recognised and understood upset, worry, strain, anxiety, stresses and pressures, constant ongoing obstacles to fulfilling our routines, usual, well known to us formats that sees our days moving along in a forward manner. All of sudden we are thrown into chaos, unknown territory, looking for guidance we all need to adhere to as a focused nation to come through the crisis as unscathed as possible. Not easy for very very many. Politicians in charge of our status seem as confused as the rest of us!

So we must absolutely must keep alert, aware, conscious of what we are doing, deciding, following, choosing. Choosing with care and thorough thoughtfulness what to eat, drink, do, remove, change, create etc from day to day, moving into different spheres and phases, dealing constantly with new processes to simply stay in the loop of life that is meaningful with pockets of enjoyment, contentment, hope and faith. Achieving this is different for everyone. Every person has a different set of circumstances.

And everyone has a different unique system. Accomplishing our day to day stuff takes its toll. Some more than others. But again, it depends where your whole person was when the Corona Virus shut down began. No one is immune from the challenges presented. You know when you could do with an extra top up of ease and comfort within ourselves as time runs on and we continue to stay under pressure. Food for pleasure is ok. We can do that.

Nutrients vital now to carry us through rely on working with the stressed out body systems. This is where MAGNESIUM is an important essential mineral at this time. It is needed in quite large quantity – depends as usual of course on your gender, age, situation. It is needed for metabolism, energy production, transmission of nerve reflexes, 350 approx enzymatic reactions exercise, muscular issues, inflammatory issues, high blood pressure and more.. PMT for example, asthma – all these conditions worsened by anxiety.

MAGNESIUM is found in muscle, soft tissue, fluids, and bone. We don’t get enough – we don’t take enough in our diet, our soil is too undernourished to enter the foodstuffs grown. LACK OF MAGNESIUM (over 70% in women and 50% of men according to recent surveys are not digesting enough MAGNESIUM). We are very susceptible to stress, lack of good sleep, headaches, chronic fatigue, poor bone health, and more issues, like heart problems, without SUFFICIENT MAGNESIUM. Chronic stress and long term stress/anxiety leads to more and more DEPLETION OF MAGNESIUM

In supplementation, you have choice of powder, tablets, skin spray and absorption via bath salt soaking. MAGNESIUM comes in many forms: citrate, elemental, oxide, carbonate, hydroxide. There are combination tablets too. Be in touch if you need help choosing which is the best for you.

Om Varunam Nameh!

Feb 15, 2020   //   by Anne Russell   //   Uncategorized  //  No Comments

Of course you know what that means!

Let me add to how you see that phrase… is so easy to let that soak into your subconscious thinking. And you will be telling yourself in a gentle constant way to persuade life to be in harmony with cosmic law. In other words perhaps somewhere alike to bringing what happens in front of you, to you, around you, to be the best order of things for you. Mentally, physically, spiritually. Sometimes we may not like what goes on, but there is always a lesson, a teaching, a revelation, a re-consideration for us that is meant to be a helpful support for another space in life.

So – you can use this mantra as you go about routine stuff, or as you do a walk, or a quiet moment to yourself, or yoga practise. A good place to be.

Yoga remember means, “union” – of mind, body, spirit. There is so much benefit to yoga sessions, as much as you want to reach out to gain. All in your power and control. How much, if at all, all your choice. If it is pointed out to you, what you are already experiencing, or yet to discover – you can utilise yogic breathing and physical techniques for your well being. To deal with daily experiences. Some of which are very demanding on all your energies.

Bringing your body and mind into alignment – it truly happens within the conscious yoga practice – means and delivers a real sense of harmony and balance – to you, in all ways. Magic! Magic to understand and grasp by simply doing the body toning, the body postures, the stillness, the movement, the thought allowances, the quiet mantras, in that time that is all for you. Yoga connects yourself to yourself – and so to others.

Please be in touch if you need more discussion on this. Anne

Nu You this New Year 2020

Jan 1, 2020   //   by Anne Russell   //   Uncategorized  //  No Comments

Life continues just as it was last year, but perhaps the notion now exists that the date can make it all better.

We know about New Year Resolutions – that they usually fall away after the initial excitement. If they were easy to follow, we wouldn’t be making a special, perhaps announced intention to enhance some part of ourselves we believe to be inappropriate.

For myself, I have been working in the area of health, of using preventative measures and ongoing treatments to release tension, anxiety, concerns physical, mental and emotional since 1989. The Whole taken care of, The Whole person being supported, renewed, revitalised, returning to better, strong health. Feeling empowered and in control, and comfortable in Self.

Fear is a strong destroyer of life comfort, and makes for lack of confidence, self esteem, and not so great choices, causing Depression and lack of Energy – in all life’s areas. Am sure you can recognise the truth of this.

Working on all levels of well-being, bring yourself to investigate the Nutrition, the Thinking, the Choices, the Way Forward, the gaining of Calm and Self Respect, the Resolution of issues in Mind and Body. That creates a Nu U worth enjoying. All Year!

Yoga Answer to Stress

Sep 5, 2019   //   by Anne Russell   //   Uncategorized  //  No Comments

Hello everyone – if like most, there is stress in your daily life or coming along with sudden regularity, or you just want a peaceful arena at last, try this pose to stabilise, secure and ground your feelings and physical sensations: Warrior! It builds a solid foundation literally beneath your feet.

Vit D3 – are you having enough?

Aug 19, 2019   //   by Anne Russell   //   Uncategorized  //  No Comments

This wonderful vitamin – though strictly speaking it acts as a hormone – is very important for us in the Northern Atmosphere. You may know it is called the sunshine vitamin. We can create ourselves with the help of the sun, but we don’t have enough sun all year round, or we are not in the sun all year round, especially those working inside buildings. The American health bodies believe we need more than the European bodies do. So if you care about your wellbeing in the form of moving away from depressive negative thoughts, and also the possibility of cardiovascular disease at too early an age – then you for just two of these very powerful reasons, you need to consider how you provide your magical internal system with enough of the correct Vit D. If you are unsure, or you know you are at risk it may well be time and timely, to speak to Anne.