Life Coaching with Anne Russell

“Destiny is a not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice” –Fiona Harrold

Are you stuck?

Anne Russell delivers a bespoke, individual and unique style of Life Coaching to bring you to the best solutions. This consists of many elements brought together to create a package of support that is perfect for you, and stunning in its benefits.

Anne is a qualified Life Coach, established for many years, and achieves extremely positive results for her private and corporate clients.  The Testimonials speak for themselves!

Everyone experiences challenges, negative situations or a lack of clarity at some point. This can affect your work, your personal relationships, your ability to move on to gain the results you are seeking. Choices because of changes needed or forced upon you.

We all have different methods of coping, learning and developing. But it can be exciting, rewarding, refreshing too.

With the right approach and structured support through Life Coaching with Anne Russell at Coaching NorthWest, it can become the best thing you ever did!

The areas you want to work through, find the source of, find direction and clarity to move on from, could include:

  • Family Issues
  • Personal Growth and Development
  • Career & the Workplace
  • Building confidence & self-esteem
  • Conflict Mediation
  • Stress Management
  • Resilience Training
  • Health and Fitness (this can include issues such as Stopping Smoking, Grief, Fertility, Weight, Anxiety)
  • Finances
  • Physical Environment
  • Time Management

Life Coaching is fantastic for corporate opportunities for Conflict Resolution & Change Management, developing Team Building & Personal Development Needs – contact Anne for day/hourly rates.

If you look at the complementary therapies section, you will find Anne is highly qualified to define, create and enhance the best benefits to you, including:

  • Time and place to reassess your Work/Life Balance
  • Relaxed Mind and Body
  • Energy/Vitality
  • Contentment
  • Better and effective communication
  • Assertiveness rather than anger
  • Resolve anxious and/or depressed feelings
  • Pain free muscle groups
  • Resolved insomnia
  • Calm but alert focus
  • Weight loss or gain that stabilises
  • Resolved nausea
  • Focused intention and motivation
  • General feeling of wellbeing and good health

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"At this time I was struggling with high stress levels and uncertainty as to my career and future life plans. As a result of working with Life Coaching with Anne I have re-gained my self-confidence and esteem; received more positive feedback; refocused on my career aspirations and life-balance issues. I definitely made the right choice to work with Anne - who has fully supported me and proved to be an inspiration, and I am much stronger as a result." Tony Earps Head of Credit Card Services