Nutrition & Nutritional Therapy

Your body and mind can be likened to a car…. give the car the wrong fuel and it won’t perform well. Find a good mechanic who can fine tune everything, and you will get optimum performance.

If you… You may experience…
Give your body the right food for you… Positive mood
Focus and drive
Energy stamina and Relaxed body
Rejuvenated Skin
Give your body the wrong food for you… Bloating
Skin Problems
Irritable bowel
Stomach Pains
Yo-yoing weight

Weight Loss or Gain

Weight issues are a common problem that can feel difficult and stressful to deal with. First of all you need to know that you are not alone!

However, your weight is easy to get under control with a perfectly personal Nu U package, incorporating a mixture of nutritional advice, complementary therapies and life coaching.

All you need to bring is the willpower to succeed – and there is even help to find that too!  What are you waiting for?


This can be a crucial part of feeling good, and can be a very helpful format to assist in gaining good health and energy.

However, if it is not correctly advised or the correct amount of supplement instigated, they can be a waste of money and potentially harmful. For instance, are you trying to lose weight, give up smoking, or gain more energy?
Supplemented nutrients can be enormously effective when planned correctly, to just suit your needs.

As a qualified and registered nutritionist, Anne can direct and advise you, saving you time and money.

Experienced, understanding support

I have been immersed all my life in understanding the importance of identifying the right nutrients for the individual.

Thorough consultation, listening carefully to you, will allow me to assess, pinpoint and explain your personal needs. This might be to help you regain good or better health, boost energy, lose or balance weight, or improve sleep.

Whatever the underlying issues, you will be amazed at the difference it will make.

Lasting change is possible and fun with Nutritional Healing Therapy – A Nu U!

No weigh days, no group sessions, no food ‘sins’ – it’s all about you, lots of enjoyable recipes and a realistic attitude about what to expect from yourself, at your pace. You will wonder how you ever managed before!

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"Marvellous results! Anne is a wonder. Not only did I lose the weight I wanted, from the place I wanted, I also felt better than I have in years. Lots more energy, much more positive in mood. Somehow more confident and relaxed too. Can't recommend this Plan highly enough."


"Anne has provided me with advice on life style and nurtitional issues. She is a good and sympathic listener, thorougher in her approach and an expert in her field. I would recommend her highly."
Jenny Douglas, Director at Liverpool Vision