Yoga & Tailored Exercises


Feel the joy!  From any condition, Yoga with Anne is a wonderful tonic; a restorative, energising, toning, therapeutic, fabulous feeling state to return to, to discover, enjoy, embrace and want more.

Her watch words are “Calm but Alert!”  This is how she knows you will be as you leave the yoga room.

  • Your sleep improves and gathers in length and quality.
  • Your mind relaxes from its worries and disappointments
  • Your mind forms feelings of courage and strength and ease and confidence
  • Your body recoups from its strains and aches and pains
  • Your body is eased and comforted, and repaired and rejuvenated
  • Your body feels vital and lifted and energised
  • Your skin is brightened, refreshed, de-stressed, smoothed
  • You will look and feel so good, with a profound lasting effect
  • You reconnect with yourself – Real Me Time. Complete attention on You

Anne will direct you with compassion, care, great warmth of person and passion for what is the gift of this class – Yoga – with love and need to have you feel just great.


All programmes are designed to suit those in the class, not the other way round!

Contact Anne : 01423 421460 or for more info and to book a place.

Come and enjoy your first session, and then your second is completely free! Wear comfortable clothes as leggings, track bottoms, something that will stretch with you.

We can supply a yoga mat if necessary, though these are easily obtained. Bring a fleece blanket to wrap up snugly at the end for the Deep Relaxation. A yoga brick or small cushion is good too. Bring a bottle of water too! Please do not eat heavy meal immediately beforehand.

We are used to Beginners joining in with us – and coming back! – so no need to feel hesitant; we are a very welcoming group. But we do have limited spaces, so make yourself known to Anne if you are keen to give it a try! And no need for physical issues or conditions to hold you back either. Anne loves to show you how all Poses can be modified to suit you, and how they will likely make great improvements to say, for example, back ache, neck strain, poor stamina, muscle strength, sore shoulders, ME, MS, poor posture. You do NOT need to be fit to join us!

Private individual tailored class also available! £35 per hour. Two persons may share at £20.00 each.

Contact Anne : 01423 421460 for more info.


Exercise is a natural way to develop and enjoy the fitness levels needed to maintain health, strength, stamina, suppleness, co-ordination, relaxation and vitality – a calm alertness.  For many the word “exercise” doesn’t fill them with much joy. For some it is a duty, for yet more, something to avoid at all costs!

In fact, the right exercise for you – the getting fit and being fit and being lively and feeling great – is something you find through the correct way of doing it in the first place.

Some of the benefits of exercise:

    • Relaxation and stress relief that is lasting and satisfying
    • Increased energy levels and sense of vitality
    • Improved posture leading to correct spine alignment
    • Pain relief – lots of pain results from bad posture
    • Improved co-ordination, better joint mobility, ease of movement, loss of stiffness and tightness in muscles.

However, you do need to be given the right exercise, the right motivation, and the safe way to practice. Anne will give you all these things, get you started, give you confidence, watch your progress, encourage and motivate you along the way. YOU will gain the benefits!


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