“Personal/Business Coaching by Anne Russell was excellent and highly recommended”

Anne provided the “Staff Health Day” at Carmel College – staff thoroughly enjoyed themselves as evidenced by the feedback received:

  • “I really enjoyed the Relaxation session with Anne – found myself de-stressing very quickly.  Came away with lots of useful tips and information.”
  • “Anne’s style of presentation is excellent”
  • “Loved the Chill, Bliss and Relax presentation from Anne.
  • Anne gave us great and practical ideas which I will definitely use”.

Needless to say that we will be inviting Anne back again next year – a pity that we couldn’t have a Chill, Bliss and Relax session every week!

I was experiencing stress and anxiety during a challenging point in my life and thought it would be beneficial to seek the services of a life coach.
I contacted Anne through her website to arrange a session and immediately felt confident in her abilities and experience. Anne is an expert in her field, she demonstrated the amazing ability of quickly identifying my needs and then began to guide me on my journey of personal development.
My sessions with Anne have been inspirational as I have developed a greater sense of self awareness and self esteem along with a whole new perspective of my life.
Her prescriptive and holistic approach to life coaching means that the sessions flow organically as Anne promptly steers you into self discovery.

I was struggling with a decision regarding my career and thought it would be beneficial to seek the services of a life coach.  Anne takes everything in her stride. Thanks to Anne’s unerring knack of asking the right thought-provoking questions the decision I had agonised over for months was resolved in minutes.  After my sessions with Anne, I had a newfound sense of purpose about my career path and a whole load of optimism. Anne is warm and genuine but she is also insightful and focused and as a client I felt she was always acting in my best interests. I would recommend her to anyone considering life coaching.

Such fast and dedicated results!  Amazingly accurate and capable, Anne Russell has changed and turned my life around.  I was hesitant to open up my seeming weakness, but Anne saw my potential abilities, and by using her great talent and total focus on my success, Life Coaching and Therapies to help me relax all came together in a stunning way.  My confidence in Anne’s abilities has proven correct.  I recommended her as a Life Coach to my colleagues to catch up with my new relaxed and composed regime – her other skills as a Nutritionist and therapist are a superb wow factor that came as beneficial support I was not expecting. As a result, I have gained promotion, new respect for myself and from my peers and a clear way forward in all the areas of my Life. Am eternally grateful Anne.

Anne Russell is a highly competent and compassionate Life Coach, who sorted out my issues that I thought were based at work.  In fact, through her unique Life Coaching process, Anne guided me into the understanding that my stress and anxiety were based on my unhappy feelings, and senses of pressure, tiredness, tension and anger with such a busy and crazy life that had lost focus and motivation and acceptance of how I wanted to live.  My personal development was creating my depression, or my lack of self understanding, I should say.  Its been great to find Anne who has understood immediately, and without judgement supported me into a place of using Life Coaching and Mentoring to find my place of calm, balance, de-stressed existence – and the benefit has been to raise my profile in my career, cope much more easily, gain better health and energy, and enjoy Life/Work again. Thank you!

A few months ago work stress got too much for me and mixed with my general frame of mind resulted in my being diagnosed with depression. This wasn’t triggered by any particular event in my life but had built up over a period of time and pressure of work meant that I felt I couldn’t deal with it any more. I was given time off work and a friend recommended Anne to me. Over the course of our weeks, she subtly delved into my history to help me to understand much better where some of my anxieties and worries come from. She didn’t make a huge change to my world but she shifted it significantly to help me to both understand and deal with what is thrown with me from family, friends and work. It was a very gentle, holistic approach which really suited me. Almost without realizing it, I began to address some of the much bigger issues that were affecting me personally in work and has helped me to focus on a much more productive return to work. I will definitely work with Anne again in the future as I have really valued the changes she has catalysed in me.

What we noticed …a number of individuals reported significant improvements in various ailments and conditions, some of which they had been dealing with for many years…which is something of a triumph. We regard the trial of complimentary therapies as having been successful and well worth repeating.

I joined Anne’s yoga class recently with trepidation because I have had some knee problems.  The class is brilliant – Anne always takes this problem into consideration – it has improved my feeling of wellbeing considerably…  lovely!

“Marvellous results! Anne is a wonder. Not only did I lose the weight I wanted, from the place I wanted, I also felt better than I have in years. Lots more energy, much more positive in mood. Somehow more confident and relaxed too. Can’t recommend this Plan highly enough.”

“At this time I was struggling with high stress levels and uncertainty as to my career and future life plans. As a result of working with Life Coaching with Anne I have re-gained my self-confidence and esteem; received more positive feedback; refocused on my career aspirations and life-balance issues. I definitely made the right choice to work with Anne – who has fully supported me and proved to be an inspiration, and I am much stronger as a result.”

“Anne has provided me with advice on life style and nurtitional issues. She is a good and sympathic listener, thorougher in her approach and an expert in her field. I would recommend her highly.”

“I met Anne during one of the very challenging points in my life, and from the first meeting felt at ease with her.  She quickly identified many of my needs with uncanny accuracy and dealt with them holistically.  I always felt I could discuss in absolute confidence.  Anne has helped me view things with a different perspective and has led me to develop a greater awareness of my own individual strengths, and increased my feelings of self-worth and self-esteem.”

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