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Is the sun good for you? Is there a better way to gain sunshine skin?

We really do need the sun for good emotional well-being. However, this is cancelled out if your desire is simply to gain a darker coloured skin tone. In the end, a tan is simply evidence of damaged skin! And because more and more the temperatures are revving up and we are encouraged to be out and about more for emotional well-being, the danger is ever present of developing skin cancer. To give yourself a much better chance and much happier skin and good colour that is healthy and attractive – what can you safely do? Well of course, cover yourself in correct sun barrier cream. Cover yourself in loose light clothing. Keep out of midday – 3pm sun at least, stay in the shade. All of this am sure you know. But did you know that eating all the warm coloured foods will bring a warm coloured glow to your skin? Yes, food as carrots, apricots, canteloupe melon, peaches, nectarines, orange peppers. All of these foods are packed with colour enhancing properties.

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