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Oct 19, 2019   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, Life Coaching, Nu U Program  //  No Comments

Now we are in Autumn Days and Autumn Life, our whole world changes.

We look to wear different colours. We eat different food. We go different places. We sleep different hours. We talk different topics. We are excited by different things. We have different Energy. And that’s the point.

Be aware that your Energy is different, and that’s fine, that’s appropriate. What is not fine or appropriate is to resist the change, the difference to a few weeks ago when we were living in Summer. That attitude creates Stress. Stress we all know, we are well informed, goes against our Well Being.

I began this company many years ago, and found much resistance to the concepts that now we find usual. Back then, no one admitted to Stress. Now hardly anyone admits to No Stress! So what to do? Become Aware, of being in the Now, of learning to understand your system.

Hans Selye was the scientist who came up with the word Stress – and explained this was his word for the sensation of what was actually Change.

Some of us cope with Change, some of us find it a big challenge that causes un-ease, dis-stress, dis-comfort, worry. Worry exhausts us. Some do not know where to start. The good news is that there are many ways of overcoming this potential fear, this half-full glass attitude, this low mood, this whole world of fear. You can learn new strategies and enjoy that process of putting to right, what is mightily wrong. Put them to use to alter your life for the good, for ever.

Here at LifeHolistics, there are bountiful forms and ways that are tailored to your unique system. Via thought, realisations, new information (Coaching) food and drink (Nutritional Therapy) movement (Yoga one to one or group) breath (new amazing Breathing skills) deep relaxation (Reiki) cleansing (Reflexology) new colour decisions (Colour Therapy/analysis) empowering – all of the therapies available to this.

So let Autumn be the start of as said Nu U, or at least Changing with optimism, re-gaining perhaps your previous Energies, or new outlook that suddenly has you think you have indeed Coloured Your World Beautiful.

Be in Touch, to explore and change Stress into Excitement and Transformed Feelings which will create Positive Elements – that bring your existence into good shape.

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