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Let us remind ourselves why we love YOGA!

It has us smile! Yes indeed. A smile that pervades the whole Being. It works to release tension. The physical body relaxes as it stretches and becomes supple. Regular yoga practice will reduce back pain. Chronic back pain will find relief. It has been noted in studies that blood pressure can lower. Heart rates come to settle into better rhythm. If too fast, it will slow, and if too slow it will normalise. Restless leg syndrome symptoms diminish. If we suffer from anxiety or depression or a sense of loneliness, these moods will improve. Yoga usually boosts mood. And, it does mean if done with thoughtfulness, we are living absolutely in the NOW. Not worrying about the future or regretting the past.

Breathing techniques pull the body and mind together in a positive fashion. Calmness descends and a sense of purpose results. Good feeling endorphins result with a happy yoga session. Muscles strengthen and lengthen. Balance becomes steady, which reduces the concern of falling. Posture improves dramatically which supports good breathing and a smooth supply of life affirming oxygen. Stiffness in the joints gradually reduces and all in all, we feel so much better, optimistic, motivated, settled, relaxed and yet energised. And sleep? Oh yes, we sleep soundly!

Just a few of the reasons we LOVE yoga!

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