Nu You this New Year 2020

Jan 1, 2020   //   by Anne Russell   //   Uncategorized  //  No Comments

Life continues just as it was last year, but perhaps the notion now exists that the date can make it all better.

We know about New Year Resolutions – that they usually fall away after the initial excitement. If they were easy to follow, we wouldn’t be making a special, perhaps announced intention to enhance some part of ourselves we believe to be inappropriate.

For myself, I have been working in the area of health, of using preventative measures and ongoing treatments to release tension, anxiety, concerns physical, mental and emotional since 1989. The Whole taken care of, The Whole person being supported, renewed, revitalised, returning to better, strong health. Feeling empowered and in control, and comfortable in Self.

Fear is a strong destroyer of life comfort, and makes for lack of confidence, self esteem, and not so great choices, causing Depression and lack of Energy – in all life’s areas. Am sure you can recognise the truth of this.

Working on all levels of well-being, bring yourself to investigate the Nutrition, the Thinking, the Choices, the Way Forward, the gaining of Calm and Self Respect, the Resolution of issues in Mind and Body. That creates a Nu U worth enjoying. All Year!

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