Om Varunam Nameh!

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Of course you know what that means!

Let me add to how you see that phrase… is so easy to let that soak into your subconscious thinking. And you will be telling yourself in a gentle constant way to persuade life to be in harmony with cosmic law. In other words perhaps somewhere alike to bringing what happens in front of you, to you, around you, to be the best order of things for you. Mentally, physically, spiritually. Sometimes we may not like what goes on, but there is always a lesson, a teaching, a revelation, a re-consideration for us that is meant to be a helpful support for another space in life.

So – you can use this mantra as you go about routine stuff, or as you do a walk, or a quiet moment to yourself, or yoga practise. A good place to be.

Yoga remember means, “union” – of mind, body, spirit. There is so much benefit to yoga sessions, as much as you want to reach out to gain. All in your power and control. How much, if at all, all your choice. If it is pointed out to you, what you are already experiencing, or yet to discover – you can utilise yogic breathing and physical techniques for your well being. To deal with daily experiences. Some of which are very demanding on all your energies.

Bringing your body and mind into alignment – it truly happens within the conscious yoga practice – means and delivers a real sense of harmony and balance – to you, in all ways. Magic! Magic to understand and grasp by simply doing the body toning, the body postures, the stillness, the movement, the thought allowances, the quiet mantras, in that time that is all for you. Yoga connects yourself to yourself – and so to others.

Please be in touch if you need more discussion on this. Anne

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