How to feed your mood

Feb 15, 2020   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, Nutrition, Yoga  //  No Comments

Amazing research into how we can really give ourselves a lift in mood and motivation and energy and feel so much more in the right mood to move on with our life.

Microbiome of the gut is essential to well-being. It must be diverse and of multiple strains and in plenty supply. Those of you suffering daily with IBS, general low feelings, tummy upsets and digestive unrest are especially and quickly improved with the correct dosage of the correct pro/pre biotic.

This might sound like “what??” to you – please feel free to give me a ring or email for more explanation and direction.

It seems too from ongoing research around the world that gut “flora” is affecting many health conditions we want to improve. I have myself been using probiotics for around thirty years, not being able to tolerate anti-biotics. I wouldn’t be without. And so the gut-brain axis as we can acknowledge this connection now – is becoming an important and deeply interesting really does affect your mood. Lifts the senses from feeling “low”. Are you affected? Do you feel interested in learning more? Having this tailored to your system is so important. Your system is unique.

I am here to resolve these issues for you.

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