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Jul 5, 2020   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, Life Coaching  //  No Comments

Did you sleep properly last night? Or the night before?

Quality sleep is better than plenty of poor sleep where there is restlessness and constant waking. Quality is vital to enable your immune system to work efficiently. It is known we go for less beneficial foods, starchy high sugar foods if we sleep poorly. So it stands to reason that lack of sleep contributes to weight gain. Which you may not have realised.

Studies show that the brain does not repair sufficiently when you continue to work/play and not rest. You end up as you know with fuzzy thinking, slow memory, and lack of focus. And that awful sense of weariness. Have you become a caffeine junky in the process?

And you just generally feel rubbish! It can all be changed. There is a difference between one or two nights poor length of sleep and insomnia.

Whichever you are suffering with, it can all be solved.

Quality sleep means being asleep for at least 80% of the time you designate for shut eye, wherever you are; that you go to sleep in approximately 20 minutes; and don’t wake up more than once.

It is tempting to keep looking at the time if you are awake – don’t! This creates a tension in your mind, which means less relaxation. There is a previous blog on the good things to aid quality sleep. If though you are now in a cycle of insomnia, there is some re-training to accomplish. It is best to consult with your own specifics to find the working and successful way forward for your condition. If it was easy regain sleep patterns you would have managed it by now of course. So it doesn’t help to beat yourself up that sleep is evading you. That stress in itself can be major. And simply make it all worse. Be in touch and lets discuss and sort. Lack of sleep leads to many poor health conditions. Let’s prevent that.

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