HOW can you rid yourself of negativity?

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Do you know how many THOUGHTS you have in a day? Would you be surprised to learn it is anywhere between 12 – 66 Thousand ! thoughts in one day? Did you ever stop to realise that THOUGHTS CREATE YOUR FEELINGS?

We learn from various studies from science centers as per The Natural Science Foundation that approx 80% of our THOUGHTS are NEGATIVE.

Plus, 90% of our Thoughts are REPETITIVE. So, you can easily see how we continue to teach ourselves, without realising, that the only thing we are and can expect is negativity! Horrid things, horrid feelings. And there is the next thing to be AWARE OF – FEELINGS.

So, to re-cap, our Thoughts create our Feelings.

NOW you can understand how important checking out our Thoughts is because they are powerful and create our sense of maybe de-motivation, de-pression. And we may well not be the slightest bit aware of what we are doing to ourselves – just by repeating negative thoughts. Automatically.

Yes, sometimes negative thoughts can indeed be warnings, and keep us alert, but this isn’t the norm. We are apparently “wired” up to negative awareness from primitive days of warding off the enemy who may eat us.

But we really don’t need this anymore – and YOU can Teach Yourself to CHANGE ALL THIS. By being Consciously Aware, Curious in fact of HOW and WHAT and HOW OFTEN you are thinking that miserable down beat thought. eg, I am fed up. I am no good. It is awful today. I am always tired. There is no happiness anywhere to be had. etc See? how this creates a FEELing that you now BELIEVE.

HOW to CHANGE? We all need some cheer right now, Covid, Darker Days, Less Sunshine….. your Thoughts are the way forward:

try it – watch out, recognise, even write down when you keep thinking the same negative thought groups, the same pattern and sense how you then feel. Then say to yourself the opposite, or remember a better moment, or create one in your imagination, your visulisation. eg If you think “this is a horrible day” remember a lovely day several times. If you are stressed about your work, think immediately of something positive about it, or what good it is doing for others to be there. Always replace quickly the negative thought with a positive, better, more upbeat thought. Keep doing this, and you will TEACH your MIND to be more resilient, more cheerful, more hopeful, more accepting, ie CHANGING YOUR PERSPECTIVE.

Your Sub Conscious Brain will gradually accept this and your outlook will be completely different and far more helpful, encouraging, motivating for YOU! Yes, it takes practise, but dramatically changes your world for the better.

Remember this: Thoughts create Feelings. Feelings create Motivation. Motivation creates Action. Action creates Results. You are in control. You have the POWER to create a happier more content more Positive Self World.

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