is your relationship toxic?

Feb 14, 2021   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, Life Coaching  //  No Comments

We want to live in joy and security and approval perhaps and certainly in a respected relationship. These come in many forms. Each is unique. We need a healthy respect for ourselves first and foremost which may be something that you have learned through the years of living, something you have been helped to gain because of emotionally grown parents/guardians.

When however we are in relationships or friendships that become toxic, much damage can begin to flow outwards, contaminating our central need for contented and focused living. And sadly, disrespect, anger, disapproval, rudeness – and many other words that describe a toxic environment – cause pain and distress not just for ourselves, but for our community.

It is a need to resolve or leave these. It is a need to remove ourselves away from them. They may be healed, they may return to a warm loving mature nature, but they have no place especially in these days with our need for resilience, courage, selflessness, social caring. Watch out for toxicity. Remove it from your life. It exists with strength to strangle, let’s move it out from that place. Transform your being and living. Expect the best from yourself and that includes the right to leave toxicity behind, away from you.

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