Foods to avoid to support healthy brain work.

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Some foods are simply enjoyable. Some foods are simply highly nutritious but may not be your favourite combination of flavours or textures. Some foods we avoid – but are you avoiding the main culprits that are believed by scientists to not help the brain cells at all?

These are: Added SUGAR that comes in forms as per sucrose, glucose, syrups – look at labels for the various descriptions as these are added sugars. We know that added sugars created inflammations that the brain really doesn’t need to be taking it’s energy removing.

Another to avoid is ALCOHOL – yes, full of sugars naturally. A little now and then, if you must, but a serious contender to avoid if you respect the brain cells.

FRIED Food – again, an inflammatory resulting food, so out with the chips, fried food menus that come along especially in winter as a regular eating habit. Note that, it isn’t that bad – delete as a regular food. Sorry! Might not be what you want to read, but neither is a foggy, weary, headachy, uncertain thinking process what you want. Are you deliberately choosing to sabotage your system??

HIGH GLYCEMIC loaded CARBS. These I believe are possibly one of the biggest issues in our nation’s health. The cause of so much ill health by stealth. Processed foods, which is what we are talking about make a lot of money for companies. Over loaded very often with salt and sugars and chemical preservatives, they are another section of foodstuffs that are there for the occasional ease of meal. Regular intake will not provide the essential nutrients needed for a healthy happy brain. “White” foods I believe are also a culprit here – white flour, rice, potato, pasta, sugars …. highly milled, therefore removed wholesome goodies from that food – so why eat it?There are plenty of alternatives – brown rice, breads, pasta etc.

A problem that the government of the day needs to address – to make sure surely that we have as a people all heading the same way, a food policy that ensures good nutritious food at a price all households can afford.

NITRATES….found in food as per sausage, bacon, salami, processed meats. Look on the label, do your best to disregard the product. Another, not to eat regularly, especially if your digestion is not at it’s best operational mode. Why overload your system, just because you cannot see inside your body the damage being gradually created, with foods and products that are not only not serving your brain well, but are creating mayhem you will need to address – one day.

Writing in effort to wish you all the better/best health you can wish for yourself.

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