A robust long-lived life.

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It is known via studies done on this subject that small improvements in diet can add years to improve life span. Research is forever on going. But who doesn’t want the healthiest possible life? Good eating is vital.

So how? Foods that are high in antioxidants could prevent damage to cells. Highly processed foods/meals therefore are the ones to eliminate. The typical Western diet contains plenty of those.

The best foods to eat for a healthy long life is: more legumes (beans, peas, lentils), nuts, little red meat, grains as brown rice, oats, barley. Remove highly sugared foods, and increase intake of fruit and vegetables. Generally then a better nutrient intake to aid long healthy living.

It is found that life expectancy could increase by perhaps three years. And obviously a stronger life at that. Nourished living. Do you need recipes? Available here on request.

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