that dieting feeling coming on?

Dec 29, 2011   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, Nutrition  //  No Comments

Here at Coaching NorthWest, we understand the thoughts of “I need to lose weight” come more fully at this time of the year to many.

It often takes a unique and dedicated understanding also of the person involved to bring that about as enjoyably and comfortably as possible. It also needs to be a healthy food intake for you, not just a “slimming” diet.

Losing Weight is sometimes seen as a chore, as unpleasant, as something to be put off for another day.
It won’t feel like that with the Nutritional Programme designed especially for you at Coaching NorthWest.

Special encouragement discounts await you. We all need a little enticing to do what we need to do! Make 2012 the year you can say: “I did it!” Contact Anne Russell now and lets get started.

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