A Happy Heart…….have you? and how do we get one?

Jul 30, 2012   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, Life Coaching, Tip of the Week  //  No Comments

A happy heart is a healthy heart.

Happiness and joy result from taotal accerptance of living in the present moment.

So, if you are not happy, or not happy enough – do you understand the concept of living in the present moment, or has your Life Situation prevented this type of thinking?

We are born to be happy, content, joyous. Sometimes Life knocks us sideways. Sometimes it sneaks up on us that we are actually, anxious, unhappy, feeling lonely in how we are thinking. Stuck in a rut, but badly wanting to CHANGE.

How do we do that?

To expand then, have fun in living, and grow knowingly as a content individual, enjoying our own thinking……we need always to be aware. If that awareness creates discomfort, it’s time for some new habits, techniques and skills maybe, and new perceptions.  Life Coaching, Life Support, Removing Anxieties – call it what you will, frees you up to develop a happier existence.


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