Prozac “prison” Yet 47 million prescribed in the UK last year.

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To quote an article in the Sunday Times by Kathy Brewis “officially Prozac is not addictive.” Then the article goes on to describe the debate surrounding this drug.

She describes the “torment of trying to escape her addiction”. There is no support for those attempting to get off this drug. Long term use, it appears, has shown up many undesirable side effects, including, according to this article, bone fracture, haemorrhages and stroke.

She calls for, having described her ordeal of wanting to remove Prozac and deal with her issues instead, “time for mental health practitioners to think again about alternative treatments for depression”

David Healy is quoted as author of Let Them Eat Prozac”…….he says “Significant numbers of people find it awfully hard to come off Prozac and, when they do, they endure very physical problems that can go on for years.”

The World Health Organisation says the leading cause of “ill health world wide” will be Depression by 2030.

This is serious. Would you rather not face the issues, hit them before they hit you with continuous stress levels? It’s a long dark tunnel back to health if you are caught up in this web.



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