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The programme was dedicated to good nutrition….. it has such a major impact on every angle of your wellbeing.

So, there I was with Jonnny Maitland  the presenter, invited to take part in the programme to give information and authority to that part of the programme.


The producer and I designed this part by talking about the problems faced by the consumer in purchasing breakfast products, in the belief that they were getting a decent food stuff to start their day. The advertising, the marketing and packaging is generally all about profit for the company, not benefit to the consumer.

People are very busy, lots to accomplish, plenty of demands. The time taken to look at labels, and understand what they are ingesting is minimal, and the packaging doesn’t help with making that understanding easy either. It’s a case of grab a box of cereal etc and carry on shopping!

We went to Rochdale to a large postal delivery office – and worked with several postal workers who are about their work early in the day.

I arrived there for 8am and a large table was prepared with a large selection of breakfast cereals, drinks, biscuit bars, yoghurts, breads, spreads etc.


The postal workers were invited in to choose what they wanted and enjoy together, leaving them to talk about their choices.

Then we interviewed them one by one on this, and explained the point by showing them like food contents of salt, sugar and fat.

Sugar was the big common denominator in excess. One postal worker chose a breakfast equivalent to 5 doughnuts and 2 cans of fizzy drinks.

This was shown on the programme. The other workers were also shocked at the content of their choices.

However, the programme didn’t have time to show them all, a shame, because it was really educational – and a shock for all those who took part what their choices really were composed of. Not nutritious at all! Sugar, fats and salt are all highly indicated in these commercially available breakfast foods.

Companies are now beginning to make the labeling at least clearer, but there plenty of downfalls here, and there are plenty of good ways to eat breakfast without touching a single one of them.

Be AWARE!! It’s your start of the day, it’s your body and mind. Only you are responsible for that!  Understand how important it is to only eat and drink what is good for your body to work well – just like a car needs the right and correct amount of fuel to do it’s journey.

If you want more help and support or information – give me a ring, an email – please do not suffer unnecessarily!! People since the programme are talking to me convinced they are now doing the right thing drinking the advertised drinks as per Actimel and Yakult and others of similar type. Please! No! Find out why not…… talk to me!

Ps, and thank you to those who gave me feedback on the programme and enjoyed the Green Dress!

(I have a DVD copy of the programme, if you missed it and would like a copy.)






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