Answers to overwhelm at busy times….

Dec 23, 2013   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, Life Coaching  //  No Comments

If this is your norm – that Overwhelm hits you at very busy times, here’s a few thoughts to re-think your feelings.

Point one: Ignore the idea of being Perfect! Yes really. Just drop the whole idea.

Do only what is needed then add on any extras you have the inclination and energy for.

Remove quite deliberately the “have-to” “must-do” “ought-to” from your language – and therefore from your thinking.

You will find things flow much more easily and all that really needs to happen, WILL.

The other way gives you stress major, tension, and create someone not that easy to be around – including for yourself!

You will permenantly be forcing yourself, and landing on Wednesday and Thursday with major issues you have created.

Point two: suggest you keep caffeine right down if not out, and replace with plain fluids to prevent too much adrenaline in your system.

Point three: Just let things be Ok – keep perspective, keep laughing, let things go by, remember to be respectful and grateful.

End! Busy times also quieten. Create not your own stress areas into overwhelm. Create its an “ok” situation.

Merry Christmas!

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