World Health Organisation Recommends slash in sugar consumption….

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This is such important and good news. In fact a Good News Day to read that the recommendation of sugars intake is lowered to 5% instead of 10% as part of your calorific intake.

Sugars come from: processed foods, refined added sugars which come along in many many bought food stuffs eg fizzy drinks, sweets, chocolates.

If you watched the ITV programme I took part in this year, you would have seen many comments regarding the hidden sugars in foods as cereals, soups, breakfast bars, fruit juices, apart from the obvious candidates as biscuits, ice cream, cakes, pastries.

It is very dangerous stuff if over used and it’s very easy to do so.

If you really aren’t sure how much you are ingesting, get in touch and ask for my FREE REPORT on energy foods that avoid these sugars.

What can over indulgence of sugars lead to? Diabetes, Heart Conditions, Thrush, Addiction, Weight Problems.

Robert Lustig, a medical expert and author of Fat Chance; The Bitter Truth About Sugar, says it is addictive and John Yudkin who wrote Pure White and Deadly on the same subject said it would “be promptly banned” (sugar) if it was given over to the same study as a food additive.

It’s a great time of year to have your diet assessed correctly to avoid this pitfall in health.

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