Reiki on horses receives International Magazine attention

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It’s been a long time love of mine – horses. They are receptive and intelligent and all have different personalities.

I work on a daily basis with People. Stress, Difficult situations, Negative attitudes, Unresolved problems, Puzzling and Demanding positions in relationships, work issues, Unhappy at work or home, Unresolved pain, Unrelaxed mind-set, Weight issues, Tensions that are constant…… I am a Life Coach, a Nutritional Therapist, A Complementary Therapist which incorporates Reiki, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage etc etc…. so where do horses come in?

For many many years, I have wherever the need, invitation or opportunity arisen, offered Reiki to horses at stables, in the wild or running free in fields.

These sensitive creatures will relax deeply, and react quickly and noticeably to the Energy of Reiki. They will transmit their pain, their suffering, their difficulties to you, and accept the healing energies that Reiki offers. When they have received enough at that point, they will simply walk away. Humnas tend, initially to offer resistance!

For example – Many years ago while walking on Dartmoor, I came across several ponies tethered to the ground on very long ropes. They looked well cared for, but some didn’t look too happy. I approached one such pony with great sadness around the eyes. After a moments general patting and stroking, as anyone would, I offered this horse some Reiki. It stood completely still and I knew the acceptance was there.

A couple of hours later! I was still there, with the ponies actually keeping me there, by walking after me as I tried to leave the field, nudging me in the back to ask for attention of the Reiki, and nudging me if I stopped, till they were totally relaxed, which is when the Energies healing abilities work.

This year I have worked with Knowsley Village Stables at Knowsley on some of their horses with behavioural problems due to injuries that any horse can sustain. Horses cannot relay their issues in any other way but to be uncomfortable with a rider or carer. They transmit their problem by backing off, by being difficult when they would normally be co-orporative.

The owner of this stables is a very hard working lady, and she and her stable girls and boys have real care of the animals. It was as ever an honour and delight to work with a few horses in need of some further than normal vetinary processes (and a couple of the girls too!) They are dedicated people. The horses are well looked after, and offer many people much joy. The Reiki worked well. The other horses in the stables – and the stable workers! ¬†watched me at work. I returned to follow up on my work, much pleased with results. The horses seemed to remember me. I worked on some more. There is no fear in working with these magnificent creatures, even if they are completely unknown to me. They quickly accepted my presence and allowed me to work on them. Comments such as “I have never seen this horse so relaxed” where happening as a result. It is powerful stuff.

The story was picked up by the International Therapist magazine for the Holistic Therapists Federation. A lovely article appeared in their recent edition, with a photograph of myself and Wendy, the owner of the Stables in question.

If you want more information, drop me a line. If you want to find out how to enjoy a happy time with the horses, and enjoy a pony/horse ride, drop me a line and I will put you in touch. If you have horses or ponies who may need this attention, it’s easy to be in touch with me. I can also provide this deeply relaxing and healing treatment for other animals, and often do, for dogs and cats for example. If you are simply curious, drop me a line.

People are not the only ones needing Stress Management, Relaxation that helps the body to generate it’s own inherent healing processes, Positive connection and time for careful health care!



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