Basic good Nutrition

Apr 22, 2015   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, Nutrition  //  No Comments

This is the most important building block of well being mentally, physically and emotionally.
So many disregard this vital energy giving need. Like not putting the correct fuel in the car!

6 – 8 glasses water depending on your weight and lifestyle
drink less alcohol/caffeine if any
drink lemon or ginger teas early in the day
use the spices cinnamon and tumeric
don’t allow your diet to become acidic to your system
leave out sugar, especially found in processed foods
eat protein with breakfast
find a qualified Nutritional Therapist to support you in weight gain or loss programme
keep off diets that constrict you
learn about foods that help you to sleep
do not store foods in plastic boxes and bags
and learn from an educated source what nutrients are about!

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