Resilience Training is something everyone needs, would you say?

Aug 6, 2015   //   by Anne Russell   //   Life Coaching  //  No Comments

From a young age, it would be something I would have on the School Timetable.
It may not be a subject that comes easily to mind till you need to be it – Resilient.
However, when you do, it is vital you can access the sometimes life-saving skills
Life saving from a point of view of coming through challenges whole and safe.
Life saving in that you can become preventative and avoid the pitfalls.
Life saving in that you can be far less stressed and strained in everyday occurrences.
Most companies need their staff to be resilient. Especially staff dealing with other people.
So bring it up on your priority scale.
It’s a provision of Training with Anne, who enjoys seeing you explore and gain new skills.

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