About Anne

Anne is Director at Yoga Health Harrogate and also Life Holistics, previously the Director of Coaching NorthWest, and has a fabulous mix of knowledge, expertise and qualified skills to bring out the best in each of her clients, supporting their ambitions and encouraging successful, positive changes in their work and lives.

Anne brings a highly qualified background of continuous professional development, learning, and experience. She is member of DYT, BANT, MICHT, FHT, BAPS, ISMA UK, CHNC, Coaches Support Group, Stress Free Group and Health & Wellbeing Group.

Frequently, Anne is connected to businesses and personnel because of her passionate beliefs and quiet composed abilities that are completely centred on the individual.

Her Mission is to see you and/or your workforce in complete enthusiastic, motivated and valued control of their up and onward goals. Her own core values will not allow anything but seeing long-term benefits for her clients’ well-being.

At Life Holistics and YogaHealthHarrogate there lies a plethora of talent and ability, combined with outstanding compassion and empathy that creates an amazing opportunity for you to grow, heal, prosper, and develop.  Anne has an inspiring ability to tune into you and your worklife, your purpose, your needs and give you exactly what you are looking for in a world that needs quality and excellence and calm alertness.

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"Such fast and dedicated results! Amazingly accurate and capable, Anne Russell has changed and turned my life around. I was hesitant to open up my seeming weakness, but Anne saw my potential abilities, and by using her great talent and total focus on my success, Life Coaching and Therapies to help me relax all came together in a stunning way. "
Carole H Senior Executive