Change your life in one hour

Yoga Workshops

Each Workshop individually themed; for example:
Create energy; Deep relaxation; Muscular strength

Personal Development

Concentrate on your own movement forward
Learn skills to enhance your abilities

Positive Thinking

An important skill for application in personal and professional life
Produces good feel-factor and harmony

Stress and Anger Management

Remove energy-depleting stresses
Learn empowering communication techniques

Emotional Well-Being

Create self-confidence and calmness
Discover and remove negative behavioural patterns

Weight Control and Energy through Nutrition

Gain amazing and life transforming information
Make your dreams come true!

Nu U Program Find Out More about Anne's life enhancing Nu U Program.

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"Such fast and dedicated results! Amazingly accurate and capable, Anne Russell has changed and turned my life around. I was hesitant to open up my seeming weakness, but Anne saw my potential abilities, and by using her great talent and total focus on my success, Life Coaching and Therapies to help me relax all came together in a stunning way. "
Carole H Senior Executive