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HOW can you rid yourself of negativity?

Dec 8, 2020   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, Life Coaching, Nu U Program  //  No Comments

Do you know how many THOUGHTS you have in a day? Would you be surprised to learn it is anywhere between 12 – 66 Thousand ! thoughts in one day? Did you ever stop to realise that THOUGHTS CREATE YOUR FEELINGS?

We learn from various studies from science centers as per The Natural Science Foundation that approx 80% of our THOUGHTS are NEGATIVE.

Plus, 90% of our Thoughts are REPETITIVE. So, you can easily see how we continue to teach ourselves, without realising, that the only thing we are and can expect is negativity! Horrid things, horrid feelings. And there is the next thing to be AWARE OF – FEELINGS.

So, to re-cap, our Thoughts create our Feelings.

NOW you can understand how important checking out our Thoughts is because they are powerful and create our sense of maybe de-motivation, de-pression. And we may well not be the slightest bit aware of what we are doing to ourselves – just by repeating negative thoughts. Automatically.

Yes, sometimes negative thoughts can indeed be warnings, and keep us alert, but this isn’t the norm. We are apparently “wired” up to negative awareness from primitive days of warding off the enemy who may eat us.

But we really don’t need this anymore – and YOU can Teach Yourself to CHANGE ALL THIS. By being Consciously Aware, Curious in fact of HOW and WHAT and HOW OFTEN you are thinking that miserable down beat thought. eg, I am fed up. I am no good. It is awful today. I am always tired. There is no happiness anywhere to be had. etc See? how this creates a FEELing that you now BELIEVE.

HOW to CHANGE? We all need some cheer right now, Covid, Darker Days, Less Sunshine….. your Thoughts are the way forward:

try it – watch out, recognise, even write down when you keep thinking the same negative thought groups, the same pattern and sense how you then feel. Then say to yourself the opposite, or remember a better moment, or create one in your imagination, your visulisation. eg If you think “this is a horrible day” remember a lovely day several times. If you are stressed about your work, think immediately of something positive about it, or what good it is doing for others to be there. Always replace quickly the negative thought with a positive, better, more upbeat thought. Keep doing this, and you will TEACH your MIND to be more resilient, more cheerful, more hopeful, more accepting, ie CHANGING YOUR PERSPECTIVE.

Your Sub Conscious Brain will gradually accept this and your outlook will be completely different and far more helpful, encouraging, motivating for YOU! Yes, it takes practise, but dramatically changes your world for the better.

Remember this: Thoughts create Feelings. Feelings create Motivation. Motivation creates Action. Action creates Results. You are in control. You have the POWER to create a happier more content more Positive Self World.

Colour your world Beautiful

Oct 19, 2019   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, Life Coaching, Nu U Program  //  No Comments

Now we are in Autumn Days and Autumn Life, our whole world changes.

We look to wear different colours. We eat different food. We go different places. We sleep different hours. We talk different topics. We are excited by different things. We have different Energy. And that’s the point.

Be aware that your Energy is different, and that’s fine, that’s appropriate. What is not fine or appropriate is to resist the change, the difference to a few weeks ago when we were living in Summer. That attitude creates Stress. Stress we all know, we are well informed, goes against our Well Being.

I began this company many years ago, and found much resistance to the concepts that now we find usual. Back then, no one admitted to Stress. Now hardly anyone admits to No Stress! So what to do? Become Aware, of being in the Now, of learning to understand your system.

Hans Selye was the scientist who came up with the word Stress – and explained this was his word for the sensation of what was actually Change.

Some of us cope with Change, some of us find it a big challenge that causes un-ease, dis-stress, dis-comfort, worry. Worry exhausts us. Some do not know where to start. The good news is that there are many ways of overcoming this potential fear, this half-full glass attitude, this low mood, this whole world of fear. You can learn new strategies and enjoy that process of putting to right, what is mightily wrong. Put them to use to alter your life for the good, for ever.

Here at LifeHolistics, there are bountiful forms and ways that are tailored to your unique system. Via thought, realisations, new information (Coaching) food and drink (Nutritional Therapy) movement (Yoga one to one or group) breath (new amazing Breathing skills) deep relaxation (Reiki) cleansing (Reflexology) new colour decisions (Colour Therapy/analysis) empowering – all of the therapies available to this.

So let Autumn be the start of as said Nu U, or at least Changing with optimism, re-gaining perhaps your previous Energies, or new outlook that suddenly has you think you have indeed Coloured Your World Beautiful.

Be in Touch, to explore and change Stress into Excitement and Transformed Feelings which will create Positive Elements – that bring your existence into good shape.

Autumnal Days Wellness

Sep 24, 2019   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, Nu U Program  //  No Comments

Autumn is here – we need to change our habits, our lifestyle, our diet, our environment. It can be a beautiful, warming time.

It’s a time to gather in, to collect, to gain from the summer abundance.

What does this mean then? Your habits need to be more connected with the change in temperature. Preparing for sleep a little earlier. Creating softer lighting for the evening. Having wraps and warmer clothing clean and ready. Planning your ideas for the coming winter activities that take note of the changing weather. Perhaps more baths with soothing/relaxing oils.

Perhaps the exercise needs to alter a little taking note of less energy already available: that the body may need to vary what exercise is taken to include the changing daylight hours, the lower and wetter conditions. Not expecting quite as much in stamina as energy is released to deal with the changes of everyday life.

The food we eat and the fluids we drink are so helpful, and need to be designed to cater for our changing needs, no matter how subtle. Soups are a glorious change for autumn days. Still packed with nutrients, but more quickly nourishing. A very fast way to introduce a huge variety of different vitamins, minerals, enzymes. The fruits come in bumper crops of our native apples, pears, vegetables, now becoming more root-type based. Internal warmth from warming foods gives us energy to feel comfortable and deal with external coldness, keeping muscles relaxed and ready to go! And importantly, keeps up the mood that often sunshine brings.

The environment we work/play and simply live in will change too. More unnatural lights pervade the day, in the office, in the home, in the gym, in the shops. They are decidedly energy sapping and headache making if not correctly aligned with our need for light. Attempt to find some daylight each day. Walk as much as possible in the outdoors, preferably near the green that is slowly turning to golds, browns, yellows and rust colours.

By these ways and acknowledgement of our changing environment, we are gathering and using the goodness already there, to prepare for the more challenging weather days yet to come.

Lots of ideas are available here at Life Holistics if you need more assistance in the changes that must be made now to prevent depressed days, weeks, aches in muscle and joint pain, too much weight gain from heavy foods, sore backs and distressed stomachs, turning to alcohol too much…. be in touch than be down in the dumps!

One-to-One Yoga available

Feb 1, 2016   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, Nu U Program, Yoga  //  No Comments

Hi there, if you are reading this because you are interested in your yoga education being done on a one-to-one basis, just give me (Anne) a ring 01423 421460 or email

Sometimes its just a whole lot better learning exactly what you need in your own space and time.

As I am based in the Whole Body/Mind and have been for many years, I will understand any “fears” or hesitancies and know how to keep you safe, encouraged, improving, and happy. Give it a go.


Our schools are struggling with stressed out teachers….

Feb 22, 2015   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, Life Coaching, Nu U Program  //  No Comments

I have worked now with Primary, Junior and Senior school staff regarding high levels of sickness due to high levels of Stress. That dreaded word in Education. Ofsted and Stress. Those two dreaded, linked words.

Recently worked with a Primary school, teachers and assistants, to bring a calmer sense of management of the large work load, the pressures they face and handle, without any recourse to HOW. This is what is missing in our Education system, I think. What are called new initiatives are constantly being brought along for the Staff to absorb and deliver. Extra pressures.

What is NOT brought in alongside all of this is the way of how to deal with it, how to deal with the new thinking, the new demands, the effect it has on staff not managing the increase in work load, simply because there is so much of it, the demoralisation of Self in the criticism they suffer under unrealistic expectations of them. Gradually it takes it toll, constantly they are adjusting and becoming used to the pressure. They don’t notice that till a crisis appears perhaps, or there is lots of sickness amongst the Staff.

This is where an insightful Head Teacher or Deputy can put into place the type of Workshop that Coaching NorthWest delivers, Stress Management, and the recent one was no exception. The Staff are genuinely doing their very best, a great group of people.

The feedback said they were pleased with the information, the usefulness of it, the motivational influence and content. Cheers to this school for giving me the opportunity to give them skills, techniques, and thought processes to support them through a challenging time.

I am certainly passionate about my work and what I can do to improve people’s lives. I am sure this hard working, deep thinking group of people felt that, and will put this info, delivered over a few sessions to good use, and not only feel more in control of their way forward at work,  but be happier, calmer people to boot. They deserve that.


Sep 14, 2014   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, Life Coaching, Nu U Program  //  No Comments

A lady  has been talking about gaining Freedom. And how losing this and that is the way. For me, Freedom is found Within, not something you do to achieve it. I think it has been said before, but something I believe, that your MIND is the key to Freedom.

That even if a prisoner on whatever level, no one, no thing, can take away your thoughts. And these are your possessions, your creations of your Freedom.

What are your thoughts on that?

Wellness begins in the mind……

Aug 25, 2014   //   by Anne Russell   //   Nu U Program, Tip of the Week  //  No Comments

Our cars, our homes receive lots of attention to be their best, to be improved to function better, to serve us well for our comfort.

What about our bodies, our minds, our spirit? This message is heard but not always acted upon:

Take care of your body as lovingly, as carefully, as thoughtfully as you would a child.

Now tell me, do you?

Excellent company work with…..

Mar 6, 2014   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, Life Coaching, News, Nu U Program  //  No Comments

Ardent Credit Card Services at Moorgate Point Knowsley.

Great people, who worked really well with me to introduce the Staff to good communication skills and renew their thoughts around working with the public.

In a short space of one morning, 12 of their staff worked in two groups with me to stimulate new thinking processes, and absorb lots of great new ideas for their

Well Being. We covered some Nutritional aspects, Positive Thinking, Anger Mangement, Communication with Difficult People, Stress Management, but focused mainly on the Positive Communication skills that come from knowing yourself – ie Personal Development.

Yes, it brought out new thinking, awareness, curiosity and new skills, enough to develop the Staff’s approach and attitude to their work, and their own lives.

Testimonial from the Manager Justine Crawley – “Anne made everyone feel relaxed. The Course was well structured and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks Anne.”

And from Clare, Training Manager: “I enjoyed the Presentation. Does make you stop to think about yourself and how making the changes suggested can positively impact your quality of life. Thank you.”

If you would like to hear more or have a Course or Presentation designed just for your Staff’s situations, please simply ring me for an initial chat to discuss your thoughts.

Thank you to Ardent for their great interest on the day.

Seller or Buyer?

Jan 3, 2014   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, Nu U Program  //  No Comments

Will you sell to yourself the power of your goals or buy into the excuses that sweep around us?

You must take a close non-excusing look at yourself.

Do you want something to be different?

Your Weight perhaps, your State of Mind perhaps? Your Energy perhaps?

The answer IS in you – either let the excuses exist for another period of time, or:

Sell the notion of getting into the solutions to yourself.

The first 100 days of THIS year – they make that difference – or not!

Proven fact, first 100 days, step out here, take the supporting hand, get the answers.

Get moving. The easy bit is letting the right Life Coach, Nutritional Advisor or Therpist show the answers.

The first important most difficult part is hitting the numbers or writing the email to start the process.

Once that’s done, you have made the start to Sell to Yourself what you REALLY want – and need.

The rest will be so much easier, and you will be so pleased with yourself.

Drugs to slim: don’t do it!

Sep 20, 2013   //   by Anne Russell   //   Nu U Program  //  No Comments

There are reports around of the deadly effect of slimming pills – a young bright much liked young man is the latest reported death.

There is no need at all to even think of taking any sort of pill to diet, to change your shape, to get fit and have good body image, feel good with yourself.

This tragedy is one very important reason the programe NU U was created here at Coaching NorthWest, unique and amazing in it’s results.

Read the first sentence again. Feel what the parents and friends are going through. Imagine. Could it be more awful?

Please, treat yourself with respect – and knowledge grounded in truth.