Corporate Wellbeing

The Suite of Therapies

A free consultation will allow me to understand your business need and budget, I will then prepare a proposal to match.
Services to business of 20 minutes to full days can include;

  • Workshops
  • Executive Coaching
  • Neck, upper back and shoulder massage
  • Diet and nutritional advice
  • Stress management advice
  • Mindfulness
  • Resilience Training

Many therapies only require a normal office chair in a quiet room.

Corporate day rates and bulk booking discounts available

The Business Case

On site therapies can have many organisational benefits, including reduced absenteeism and increased productivity, and in addition, employees feel valued, looked after and motivated.
If, like us, you believe that spotting and tackling the early signs of stress through complimentary therapy can help to prevent it escalating into potentially serious health problems such as high blood pressure, anxiety and depression, then we can help you defend your business against the worst.

Call us today to arrange a free appointment to discuss your needs and budget.

Corporate day rates and special discounts for bulk bookings available – contact Anne for further details.

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"At this time I was struggling with high stress levels and uncertainty as to my career and future life plans. As a result of working with Life Coaching with Anne I have re-gained my self-confidence and esteem; received more positive feedback; refocused on my career aspirations and life-balance issues. I definitely made the right choice to work with Anne - who has fully supported me and proved to be an inspiration, and I am much stronger as a result." Tony Earps Head of Credit Card Services