Complementary Therapies List

Therapy May help with…
All therapies are given to complement diagnosis, advice and treatment given by your General Practitioner. Orthodox treatment should always be sought for chronic illnesses.
Alexander Technique Improving perception of posture and movement, balance and coordination
Aromatherapy Therapeutic use of essential oils to increase sense of wellbeing, relaxation, relieve stress. Widely used in hospitals & hospices.
Aura Soma The use of psychology of colour in oils derived from flowering plants, may enhance personal development and physical wellbeing
Colour Therapy Stimulating and changing the mind through colour
Facial and Head Massage Pampering, Relaxation, Skin Rejuvenation
Indian Head Massage Gentle application of selective oils using ancient Indian techniques on upper body to relieve tension in muscle and mind. Pampering!
Life Coaching Personal Development, stress management, Life/Work Balance, Resilience Training and Conflict Management
Nutritional Therapy All Health conditions – identifies potential nutritional imbalances and understand how these may contribute to an individual’s symptoms and health or stress concerns
Reflexology Worked usually via the hands or feet, promoting a feeling of relaxation, calmness and aiding sleep. Very popular.
Reiki Exceptionally gentle & calming therapy, may promote wellbeing & aid sleep patterns
Yoga Practices for relaxation, aiding sleep, relieving tension & stiffness, improving posture and balance. Increased sense of wellbeing & positive moods

Anne can deliver a package of any of these Treatments in a single session at the same time, giving you total control of choice and understanding of her decisions. Her strong intuitions will also play a part.

The aim is your fabulous and sustained improvement on whatever level you need that day.

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"What we noticed ...a number of individuals reported significant improvements in various ailments and conditions, some of which they had been dealing with for many years...which is something of a triumph.We regard the trial of complimentary therapies as having been successful and well worth repeating." Wendy Fowler, Change Manager, H J Heinz UK

"Family and friends and work colleagues have commented on how much happier I am." Sue Jameson