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Autumnal Days Wellness

Sep 24, 2019   //   by Anne Russell   //   Blog, Nu U Program  //  No Comments

Autumn is here – we need to change our habits, our lifestyle, our diet, our environment. It can be a beautiful, warming time.

It’s a time to gather in, to collect, to gain from the summer abundance.

What does this mean then? Your habits need to be more connected with the change in temperature. Preparing for sleep a little earlier. Creating softer lighting for the evening. Having wraps and warmer clothing clean and ready. Planning your ideas for the coming winter activities that take note of the changing weather. Perhaps more baths with soothing/relaxing oils.

Perhaps the exercise needs to alter a little taking note of less energy already available: that the body may need to vary what exercise is taken to include the changing daylight hours, the lower and wetter conditions. Not expecting quite as much in stamina as energy is released to deal with the changes of everyday life.

The food we eat and the fluids we drink are so helpful, and need to be designed to cater for our changing needs, no matter how subtle. Soups are a glorious change for autumn days. Still packed with nutrients, but more quickly nourishing. A very fast way to introduce a huge variety of different vitamins, minerals, enzymes. The fruits come in bumper crops of our native apples, pears, vegetables, now becoming more root-type based. Internal warmth from warming foods gives us energy to feel comfortable and deal with external coldness, keeping muscles relaxed and ready to go! And importantly, keeps up the mood that often sunshine brings.

The environment we work/play and simply live in will change too. More unnatural lights pervade the day, in the office, in the home, in the gym, in the shops. They are decidedly energy sapping and headache making if not correctly aligned with our need for light. Attempt to find some daylight each day. Walk as much as possible in the outdoors, preferably near the green that is slowly turning to golds, browns, yellows and rust colours.

By these ways and acknowledgement of our changing environment, we are gathering and using the goodness already there, to prepare for the more challenging weather days yet to come.

Lots of ideas are available here at Life Holistics if you need more assistance in the changes that must be made now to prevent depressed days, weeks, aches in muscle and joint pain, too much weight gain from heavy foods, sore backs and distressed stomachs, turning to alcohol too much…. be in touch than be down in the dumps!

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