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New Year Resolutions do not work. Try this instead

Jan 3, 2021   //   by Anne Russell   //   Life Coaching  //  No Comments

Good Morning to you all!

Living this year 2021 in a new way is something for us all to consider.

There have been many challenges, sorrows, difficulties, anxieties last year that are not going away. Why now pile on New Year Resolutions too to add to the strain? Why not look at questioning yourself how you reacted to situations and people and do you need to reflect and re-consider your living habit/attitudes/thoughts/motivations and actions?

So instead of giving yourself another possibly unreachable target, perhaps feeling like a failure when it doesn’t succeed as you demand of yourself, have a quite long look at these things, and see if one thing could be improved. That will benefit everyone around you, and may reach out even further. We know that small ripples of change can create amazing results more than we ever imagined in the first place.

My wish for those of you going automatically into “New Year Resolutions” is to instead have a go at initially really understanding yourself more – eg, WHY do you reach for alcohol or food in times of discomfort, tension, or just as said, automatically. Without question. How could you change yourself/your thinking, to not need that pure automatic reaction?

Understanding, or just being AWARE of how you are thinking/behaving is a very very good start to change what is not really working well for your life, your existence. Instead of creating another pressure on yourself in other words, especially with the uncomfortable pressured world we are living through, without checking out the reasons for the behaviour you want to change, understand yourself and reactions first. Could they be better, could that then create for you and your loved ones a much better Life to Live?

Once this understanding arrives, be gentle on yourself, and find/wait for a time that is good to make those changes for the better at a point you are in a strong determined quiet place to make them, not because you think you “should”.

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